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Asia » India » Goa » Calangute December 15th 2016

Geo: 15.53, 73.75My intention for this trip is less about travel and sightseeing and more about exploring and establishing my spiritual practice and creativity, nurturing my health and doing my writing - not just travel writing but also writing a book. It scares the crap out of me to put this out there but it is time for me to declare it. It's easy to keep it to myself, which allows me to do whatever I darn well feel like doing. And that usually means procrastinating on writing; being distracted, avoiding, dancing all around what I really want to do but, quite frankly, am afraid to do. So there you go. I am writing a creative nonfiction book!I cannot speak for Jim but given the time, energy and money that went into his photography preparation for ... read more
Fish Nets - Not the Kind that Girls Wear
Wave-Sand Lolligagging

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute September 23rd 2013

Time for an update I think! We're currently still in Calangute, as we're enjoying the lively atmosphere along this stretch of beaches, and have met other travellers now staying at Castle House guesthouse which has been nice - a Welsh girl called Mollie, a Chinese guy called Alvin that we plan to spend more time with in Mumbai where he works, and 3 Canadian girls which we plan to spend a few more days with. It's been nice to talk to them and other Indians about transport options and things to do and see. We plan to move on to Anguna today, then onto Kerala on Thursday... pushing our dates back because we can... feels so good not to have to stick to a time limit!! We visited Panjim yesterday the capital of Goa, so enjoyed ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute September 19th 2013

So... this is our fourth day here on the Goan coast and so far it's been quite rainy, although we were prepared to arrive at the tail end of the monsoons. Although this is one of the more touristy areas of Goa - and of India in general, we have only seen a very small number of non Indian tourists, so it has been nice to see Goa at it's normal pace. We've explored the beach - with its many hawkers - and the market place, bartering for anklets, purses and trousers and eating traditional vegetable Goan curries which are delicious! We've been staying at Estrela Do Mar hotel which has been a nice haven over the past few days with a pool outside our room - which the other Indian guests like to use very ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute January 28th 2013

GOA We hadn’t quite included a trip to Goa in our initial planning; in fact we left it out purposely as we felt it would be part of the next big trip to India & be included with a trip to the South. However, we figured we needed a break after 3 weeks being Travel Escorts for Sarah & Louise and we had free access to accommodation (thanks to our friend Phillip De Souza in London, who is from Goa) so what could be better. As we had then planned to go to Satara to meet our friend Satish, he decides to come to meet us in Goa and so does Kaka (his spritely 89 year old father). We fly from Ahmedabad with Indigo Airlines – 1.5 hours and nothing much to write home ... read more
Phil's Pad - top floor left. Calungute
Happy Birthday to M - Rudy's Calangute
Vagator Beach

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute July 17th 2012

I have recently turned 29 and one present I received was a list of ‘must do things’ before you reach your 30th. Although my friend meant well, the thought of reading a list that reminds you of all the things you haven’t achieved was not the greatest present. Thankfully though, I found I had already ticked off a good half of the list and felt that some of the other suggestions were either a little farfetched or just plain stupid, and therefore could be ignored e.g “give yourself a mains electric shock”??!! There was one suggestion though, that I was shocked I hadn’t already done; “Volunteer”. Yes, I had volunteered to help out in play productions or at a couple of friends’ events, however I hadn’t actually taken part in a volunteer project. The thought of ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute December 27th 2011

La route en train vers Goa a été très agréable, le paysage vallonnés, vert, parsemé de rivières. Mais Goa n'est probablement plus ce qu'elle était avant. Elle est devenu trop touristique a mon goût. On pourrait se penser n'importe ou dans le sud, s'il n'y avait pas les vaches qui rentrent le soir a la maison sur la plage! Il y a enormmement de touristes, la plupart russes et britanniques Mais la mère est vraiment magnifique, verte, propre, chaude juste ce qu'il faut, houleuse juste assez pour qu'on retrouve l'enfant en nous. La ville d"Old Goa est sympathique, parsemée de belles églises portugaises. Il y a pas mal de chrétiens dans ce coin de l'Inde. On a fait une journee d'exploration: depart en bus a Mapuse, petite ville au marche colore, changement de bus pour Anjuna, ... read more
Anjuna - traversee vers Calangute
Old Goa - dragueurs de sable
Old Goa - eglise de l"Immaculate Conception

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute December 26th 2011

After 3 flights, 3 different airports and 21 hours of travelling we finally arrived in Goa, our first stop on a 2 week trip to India. On first exiting the airport we headed to the outdoor taxi rank and immediately had to barter the price for a taxi - welcome back to Asia! Our hotel was in the beach town of Calungute, about 45 minutes away through winding rainforests and dusty side roads, and at 8am it was already hot, so after dropping our bags at our cute looking accomodation (a small-ish blue guesthouse called the Seagull) and changing, we went for a stroll down to the beach. The beach here was lovely, really wide with yellow sand and clear warm sea, and lined with small beach shacks, (although not as picturesque as the Thai beaches), ... read more
Photo 39
Photo 7
Photo 74

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute August 21st 2011

Travel Period: 10 to 12 Jan 2009 From Alleppey, we took a flight to Goa. Our hotel's pick up was late and he reeked of alcohol!! It took around 30 45 mins drive to our hotel : Calangute Hotel. We passed by towns, with buildings and slowly these buildings disappeared and view of the beach were visible. Roads were very windy and narrow. The taxi pulled up in front of our hotel. We were so disappointed as the building looked so old and just in front, there was another building that was still being constructed. When we stepped in, our jaws opened in disbelief. We had practically stepped in to another world. This was a boutique hotel and it lived up to its name. Inside the hotel was really really nice. I remember when i liaised ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute June 11th 2011

I will start off this blog with just a short write up and a couple of photos of Goa. I am still learning the art of Travel Blogging so pardon me for errors. So, me and four of my friends had gone to Goa from 18th-22nd February 2011. We stayed near Sinquerim beach. We were near one end of the beach stretch so it was not very crowded. The unique thing about the beach was that there was a ship there, right near the shore. It was a gigantic ship. It was called River Princess. It had rusted completely but still looked pretty majestic. I would recommend staying near Sinquerim beach as it is almost as good as the other beaches but is less crowded so you can have a peaceful time. I personally like secluded ... read more
River Princess

Asia » India » Goa » Calangute April 10th 2011

Flying the no-frills Air Asia airlines, we landed in Mumbai (Bombay) on March 23rd, found our way to an ATM and booked a pre-paid taxi to take us to the least expensive accomodations we could find: the YMCA downtown at $45/night it is still incredibly pricey compared to the rest of India. When Dave handed our taxi driver a 100 rupee tip, he said “Sir, this is very small, Sir” with a pained look on his face. We were tempted to take it back and say sorry and walk away, but instead we just said “No, this tip is fine”, we did just land in India, but we weren’t born yesterday. We caught a late Indian buffet dinner that was included in our room rate and headed for bed to catch a slim few hours of ... read more
Just Because
Me cuddled in on bottom berth
Fingers on a Guitar

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