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June 28th 2017
Published: June 28th 2017
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Grownups can have a much difficult life and there is no end to the reason behind it. And we definitely miss our childhood. It’s all about games and vacations and maybe some homework. But if I would ask you your favourite childhood memory what would it be? Would it be summer vacations, or being your grandparent’s pet, sibling fights or earning pocket money during the festival time? Now childhood memories would bring down tons of memories but you still have to choose your favourite one. While you think of yours I would love to share my personal favourite memory. Travelling, as a kid was one of my favourite memories. I remember how excited it used to get me and my sister. Also back then there were no mobile phones to keep us occupied during the journey. Neither did we have the benefit of having a laptop. So this would probably make you wonder that my trips would have been pretty boring? But actually not! Those were some of the best times of my life which is no more enjoyed by the kids of this generation.

So I was the eldest kid in my family and that is how my parents had it planned but then I started to get lonely and bored. And then I had my sister when I was 7 but, that could be totally different story. So before my little sister came into the picture, my journey stories were very different. In fact they were like a routine. But yet I loved them to bits. So every summer vacation until I was 7, my parents and I would go to my aunt’s house for at least a week. So we would travel by the train to get there. And I should probably tell you I have always been a big time foodie. So in the noon, when my mom would take her nap in the train, my dad and I would eagerly wait for the food vendors to come so that we could order food from train . And before my mom would wake up we would be done with our little evening snack. It used to be mine and my father’s little secret that we would giggle about for the rest of our journey. We would order anything and almost everything that would be on the menu. Despite all those eating sessions I was blessed as a skinny child, which is exactly why I love dear god so much!

After my little sister came into the picture, the vacation routines about the train changed. For a few years we could not travel to my aunt’s place. But I am not complaining, because I just loved travelling with my sister as well. When she was little she was like my own personal Barbie doll. And when she grew up we would come up with all these weird games to play in the train. While our parents would be taking their noon nap, we would be playing our own silly games that we had made up specially to be played in the train. Not forgetting the food vendors, we would order all types of snacks that passed by us and billed it to our dad.

When I now travel in a train and see siblings travel together it kind of makes me sad. They are all into their own electronic worlds. Spending time together and making memories by playing silly games have been replaced by cellular games. And I just sit and wonder about those old days my sister and I used to share. I am sure you too would be now ready with your favourite memory to share.


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