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March 5th 2010
Published: March 5th 2010
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The last few days in Goa ahve been probably my best so far in India. Goa is just such a magical place and i love it here sooo much. It was well worth the day and a half spent on the sleeper train, leaving at 10:45pm on the 1st and arriving at 5.30am on the 3rd. It was quite comfortable on the beds and they bring good free food, better then you get on a plane. I had a tasty chicken Bryani which i have been eating quite a lot of recently. Its the only thing they have on the menus here which bares any resemblance to a curry house back home. In my opinion the naan breads are not as tasty as the Jalsha's but who am I to judge. They are just a lot thinner and blander here, probably because the spices in the sauce are a lot stronger.
I have also started drinking coffee and have at least one a day now. But its funny because all the other volunteers who drink coffee regulaly at home say this coffee is rubbish becaue it is too sweet and milky. I actually prefer hot sugary milk with a hint of coffee so it suits me perfectly. The ice coffees you can get are also fantastic, especially one i had where they put a big scoop of chocolate chip ice cream on the top.

The first day here we spent just switching between sunbathing and swimming on about a half-hourly basis. I can't think of a better beach i have been to, it was so beautiful and because its southern Goa away from the bulk of tourists reasonably deserted. I can't manage more then about 30mins sunbathing as you really feel like your roasting and need to cool off. But i have avoided sunburn successfully using my hybrid half factor 15 and half factor 30 sun cream which we mixed in desperation as i was packing and i didn't have anything to take. I am still way browner then I've ever been before though, also a little skinnier i think. We went for a walk in the afternoon and explored over some rocks to see a picturesque uninhabited island, then we sat for a while and watched the most amazing sunset i have ever seen.
We have a favourite restaurent already were we have gone for 4 out of 5 meals so far and it has seats at the front where you can lay down on matresses and cushions and look out over the beach.
Yesterday I left the girls in Palolem and did some adventuring on my own, I will meet up with them to catch the train to Jodhpur together. I managed a complicated bus route to Pranajim the capital of Goa which was a nice and relaxed city, a lot cleaner then the others i have seen as well. Because it was built by the portugese It just reminded me of southern spain or the mediterranien. I spent the night in a cheap hotel and then moved on to Baga today. This is baisically the tourist centre of Goa and the beaches are jam-packed. No room for frisbee but i have played more then enough of that recently. There are still just about more sunbeds then people though and i managed to get one cloe to the water. The sea is actually quite warm here but still so nice to swim in. I went for quite a long swim as i felt like i hadn't done any exercise in a while and swam about 1k along the beach, but itr was really choppy and i kepy drifting out without noticing, i could always make it back fine though. I am supposed to be meeting another english guy who i met before and shuold be here now but we havent been able to contact each other so i don't know if he will turn up. Still there are so many westerners i have seen already that I'm sure i will make some friends quickly. There are some clubs and hundreds of bars here as well so maybe i will head to some of them tonight.

Miss everyone back home and can't wait to here from you, don't forget to email or comment!
Lots of Love
Joe xxx


5th March 2010

MATE, sounds so awesome, sounds like ur having such a good time, so jealous right now haha, be good to see you wen u get back mate, hear all the stories :-P keepliving up mate and see you wen u get back. have fun! much love Robbo x
6th March 2010

Well then you are becoming the independent traveller, branching out on your own. Good stuff! Those iced coffees sound pretty good. Stay out there as long as you can because it is still really cold here! Enjoy x
6th March 2010

Hi Joe So pleased you are ok and having a fantastic time. It all sounds brilliant, I think I am going to miss reading your blog when you come home. Speaking of home I went to see Dargate today with Yuman and Danny as your Mum and Dad complete the sale on tuesday, it is a beautiful house and as your Mum was showing me round I could see holds lots of precious memories for her. Kirstie has had all her injections now ready for Keyna in July I managed to get Malarone for £82 in the end from Boots on line. Well Joe, have to go now. Take care honey and enjoy the rest of your adventure. Stay safe Julie xx
7th March 2010

Travel expert
Hi Joe Have really enjoyed reading your blog. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip as much as Goa. You are clearly an expert at travelling around now so Uncle Lozz and i will be looking for some tips as we haven't seen much of India yet. We are particularly interested in rail travel but suspect we will probably be looking for slightly more up market accommodation! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. Love Aunty Ruth xx

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