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January 13th 2008
Published: January 13th 2008
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Where should I start.... Well, the yoga here is AMAZING! So different to do yoga in the heat... My body loves it anyway. And since yesterday was a day off, it was time to go see the beach. AMAZING beach, some areas are super crowded but others are much much better. Walking on the sand, being offered 10 necklaces for 200 rupies, "best morning price ma'am". It's fun. I love it. Then Iain taught me a nice river where we covered ourselves with clay. Waw, Amazing how the skin gets soft after that! Nice to have someone to show me the cool places around! Then it was time for food and more time doing not much, drinking lassi and more lassi and then back home on the scooter. And in the evening it was the Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar. Fun! Amazing food (did I say AMAZING already???? Sorry, lack of vocabulary), music, tons of people, and things to buy. I bought enough Darjeeling Tea for the next 10 years. And then the trick was to come back home with the traffic that was totally insane. I almost bought a silk hammock, but if I do that, I will never leave Goa.
Yoga starts again tomorrow, it will be an intense week I think... The rest of the day is very mellow, the house is so nice, the patio is perfect for reading a good book, relaxing, drinking Darjeeling tea, and then every day as a little activity on top of the doing nothing part... It's great. Oh, and did I mention the weather? For January, I'd say it's pretty good!!!! I love it.
I just got a new pair of pants made, it's perfect, I can gain 25 pounds and will still be able to wear them. Good thing with Iain's cooking and te nice food here, ... Oh, and I haven't really got into the sweet stuff yet. Will do.
So all I can say so far is India is GREAT (AMAZINGLY great, ah ah!). For now I enjoy every minute of the trip. Even my cold is gone, probably the spices killed the germs...
Oh, I forgot to mention the monkeys that jump in the trees in front of the house. Oh, it's sooooo much fun! I'm happy!


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