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January 10th 2008
Published: January 10th 2008
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So, my blog works now... Good. Because I have to say that I am in heaven. I left Mumbai a couple days ago and it was very exciting to take the train in India. Savio dropped me off at the station and right away we heard it was delayed by more than an hour. But once in the train all was fine, and by the time I got to Thivim it was almost 3 hours late. The train was fun, it was a night train, so pretty soon I climbed on my berth to sleep. I was tired from not sleeping much the night before. I slept very good and was mpressed how quiet it was. The sound of the train was covering the snoring so it was good. At 6 am sharp, the caterers started going up and down the wagon shouting "chai" or "coffee". Every 3 minutes someone was going by. You can't starve unless you want to. The only problem is that I had no idea what the food was. I haven't been here long enough to know what a idli is... But it was fun to watch what the locals are doing and copy them. After my first cup of chai, I was going to ask my neighbour where to put the cup. I was just ready to say the first word when he opened the window and threw all is plastic plate and ustensils outside... Oh! I guess I didn't have to ask anymore.... Yeah, it all goes out the window. Paper, plastic, aluminium.... And you can see it outside.
So finally I reached Goa, and it i AMAZING! So green and beautiful and warm. I started the yoga course yesterday and so far it was not too hard because they let me get into it first. I assume next week it'll get more intense! But the place is beautiful, the climate ideal, and my sweat smells like garam masala. I met a few students and I am now staying in a beautiful house very close to the shala with Iain who has been here for over about a month. He showed me around too, the local market, then the huge Anjuna market, and it is crazy with tourists in Anjuna but wow! The beach, the things you can buy... So amazing and so many things that I just didn't buy one thing. I was overwhelmed. I will go back another day.
So, what else to say... Oh, I managed to get a cold... Typical me in a warm place... 1 hour of air conditioning and I'm sick already! Oh well.. Could be worse. I recover under the palm trees today.
India has been very good to me so far. I enjoy everything. I loev to think it is January and I am not FREEZING!
Excuse the typos, the keyboard has seen better days....
More later (and yes, some pictures to come...)


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