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June 11th 2020
Published: June 11th 2020
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Toddlers! Beware mommies! Only a mother can understand the plight of another one! Toddlers are indeed very cute, chubby, little ones whom the world adores and pampers. Their mischief, their broken syllables, and their over expressive way of making you understand, overloads there cuteness. But this cute little one has some very scary aspects. Besides nappy and potty, the most difficult thing to handle is their tantrums.

Vacation on the other hand is a much needed medicine for every mother but one with a toddler is a real adventure. Here I am going to jot down some tips from my experience of a beach holiday with my 2 years old toddler. These are just to avoid a grumpy kid and make your travel at ease.

1.Toddlers love surprises!-First rule is pack less of your items and make room for theirs. Keep in mind that their toys should be a combo of both favorite and new ones. The jovial face of my 2 years old daughter, discovering her favorite toy at the new place, made me happy too.

TIP-The beach toy set is a must during a beach vacation and gives them only one surprise at a time (kids easily get bored!).

2.Flight trip-For an unperturbed journey get some space for them and some source of entertainment. Now if your child is below 2 years, ask for any vacancies in case you might be lucky. (I was lucky indeed). The foldable tray on a flight is a great source of enjoyment. Just open it after takeoff and give them some disposables, they shall start playing.(Of course mind the attendants; we got some angry looks when she started seating on that)

TIP-Try to match their nap time with flight time.

3.Those indeed rescued me many a time. Especially during flight journey, the tantrums are difficult to handle. When I gave her the favorite orange flavored lollipop, she silently kept licking for a good time. Similar rescue rangers are Cadbury GEMS. Sorting varied colored ones are a great way of keeping her engaged.

TIP- Carry the favorite flavored candy for added benefit.

4.Layouts-Personally I never opt for a long flight journey. A break in the journey will definitely break the boredom of your child. For longer layouts, you can opt for an outing but if the airport is like terminal T3 of Delhi, India its better too just stay and relax. It’s too spacious for your child to play and relax without getting lost.

TIP- At airport, you can get those child strollers. Moms also have the option of shopping/window shopping whatever.

5.Hungry Child- Your child should never be hungry. Carry as much as finger food as possible. Sandwiches, Bananas and hard boiled eggs are must options. Cakes, chocolates, chips can be given when tantrums start, just to divert their attention, but not to be used as appetizers. I used to feed her fried rice or dosa for brunch or lunch. Poha, puri bhujia, idli etc are good options.

TIP- Never forget the thermos, mineral water bottles and disposables.

6.Book hotels wisely-Hotels with garden are very much recommendable. While choosing hotels, look for good reviews with excellent room service and medical services. If you are very specific regarding your kids food, go for apartments or one with kitchen.

TIP-A swimming pool will be an added advantage as we can enjoy sun bathing and swimming with your child.

7.Sightseeing-The best time with kids are the early morning and evening only. During day time you can relax by the beachside as your child gets some good sleep. Make your own itinerary with perfect balance between rest and activities.

TIP- Early morning beach time is the best for both toddler and photography as well.

Your itinerary should be flexible, with ample time at hand. A trip with a toddler should be at a slower pace preferably in an offseason. Make sure to attend to their needs and look things by putting yourself in their shoes. Happy kids will make your trip a happier one. Lastly of course a good camera to keep the memories treasured.


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