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Asia » India » Dadra & Nagar Haveli » Silvassa April 13th 2011

Offlate style of my travel has changed.. Till last year i used to take a weeks leave.. Go to the destination by train..Book a car from there local travel agent.. Cover most of the places in the region by travelling around 1000kms in 5 days.. Now i m a biker.. And been to Aurangabad, Silvassa, Malshej, Pune, Panchgani, Shirdi.. In this format i go our more often. Covered most places in single day visit.. So next time i will have to go on at least 3 days ride. This blog narrates my day trip to Silvassa from Mumbai. We left from mumbai-Goregaon at 5:30 am. We drove through dark till Virar phata. By then the sun was out. Next halt was at Vithal Kamath near Manor. The NH-8 was good good road and i was on ... read more
Towards Silvassa
Lion Safari near Madhuban dam
Lion Safari near Madhuban dam

Asia » India » Dadra & Nagar Haveli July 12th 2009

So after a ridiculous long time on planes, too much airoplane food, and no sleep we are in New Delhi. Oh so glad that we had arranged a private pickup from the airport. It was like nothing we had ever seen. We walked out and their are people everywhere. The first thing we did was buy water. Never been so glad to see my name on a piece of cardboard. The crowds are amazing and the heat it feels like you are sticking your head in a kettle to breathe. There are lanes on the roads but noone uses them. It's the honk and move method of driving. Our driver was very efficient at that. The only thing he slowed down for was a couple of braham bulls on the highway. Richie wishes that we could ... read more
The rock bed
Let you guess what this is for...

Asia » India » Dadra & Nagar Haveli » Silvassa August 23rd 2008

Finally got some time at a computer. So figured it would be time for a new blog. Goa ended as well as it could have. David & Jordan rented some scooters a couple days and made there way up and down North Goa. Trekking form Madjid Beach in the far North, to Fort Aguada in the far South (have a look on google maps if you get the time). Anyways there were plenty of huge beaches, rolling hills, and cows up and down the Goan coastline. Even better David managed to save a helpless calf from being hit by a passing truck and an almost certain death and got a great scar on his arm in the meantime, or he managed to get his scooter entangled in a bush going about 10 km's an hour and ... read more

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