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September 5th 2014
Published: September 5th 2014
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Karziranga National Park

It is a national park in the nagaon and golaghat district of the Assam state, India. Karziranga park host two third of the world great one-horned rhinoceros. Karziranga hosts the highest number of tiger population among the protected areas in the world and it was declared as a tiger reserve in 2006.The Park acts a home to large breeding animals like wild water buffalo, swamp deer and elephants. Karziranga is also well known for its bird conservation here you can find a large variety of bird species as compared to other wildlife areas in India karziranga has achieved a great success in wildlife conservation. Karziranga covers a total area of 429km.

Karziranga national park experiences three seasons winter, monsoon and summers during the winter its very cold and some less animals are seen because of cold, in the rainy season the park is closed due to heavy rain and the best time to visit this park is during the summers because every animal of this park can be seen easily.

This park consists of 35 species of breeding mammals out of which 15 are endangered. The park is very famous for great Indian one horned rhinoceros, swamp deer and wild Asiatic water buffalo. This park contains the largest population of water buffalo 57%!o(MISSING)f world population. Karziranga also contains the highest breeding population of leopard and tigers. This park was declared as a tiger reserve in 2006 with the highest containing tiger population in India 86 besides being a tiger reserve karziranga is also well known for bird’s preservation many tourist gets attracted towards this park from india and outside india to see the beautiful birds of this park. The park also contains some deadliest snake in the world including reticulated python and rock python and venomous snake including russels viper, Indian cobra and monocle cobra.

The headquarters of this department is at bokakhat Assam and it looks at the whole management of karziranga. Hunting and poaching activities regarding one horned rhinoceros was a major concern in india but because of some effective measures of wildlife department it has decreased a lot.

The nearest town to karziranga national park is bokakhat which is 23km.Some major cities connected to this park are Jorhat 97km, Guwahati 217km and furkating 75km. Transportation is also available from guwahati to Assam one can easily reach karziranga by road.
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