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Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya October 2nd 2018

Gaya and Varanasi are two holy cities which all Hindus wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. Gaya and surrounding areas like Nalanda, Pawapuri are sacred to three important religions of humanity, i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Distance between Gaya and Varanasi are roughly 260 kms. When we planned to travel this region, our basic objective was two fold : i. To perform religious rites (called Pindadaan) our forefathers as per Hindu traditions by myself and my sister. As per Hindu mythology, this ritual is a homage to the ancestors and mandatory for a Hindu to release the departed soul of his forefathers after death, to the ultimate world of nirvana or happiness. ii. To enlighten ourselves of the immense significance of this land, from where three sects of religion flourished and ancient scholars ... read more
Little monk on the way for worship - Mahavodhi Temple, Bodhgaya
Pindadaan offering at Vishnupaad Temple, Gaya, our second place of pindadaan offering
Bodhisatta - Mahavodhi Temple, Bodhgaya

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya December 7th 2017

Day 6 (Thursday 7thDecember) A Temple and a Cave I waited outside reception until 6.05 but none of the others appeared so I set off alone. I walked to the security gate (they had a bombing a few years back, by radical Hindu’s) but was told that as I had a camera I had to pay at the counter 500 yards back, so had to retrace my steps, pay my Rs300 for a camcorder and return to security going through the metal detector and frisking that is involved (I hadn’t taken my mobile as they are not allowed, or a bag as not needed). Temple entry was free. Inside the Mahabodhi Temple grounds the pillars were covered in flowers and prayer flags flew across the paths. The steps leading down to the main temple were framed ... read more
Temple & Moon
Buddha on Lake
Cave Sign

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya March 31st 2016

Hello ! Cela fait trois jours que l'on est sur Bodhgaya. Petite ville touristique où l'on a rencontré un indien vraiment amical. Il nous a invité chez lui et nous a fait visiter tous les principaux temples de la ville et nous a emmené faire une petite balade en dehors vers la fameuse montagne accueillant la grotte de l'Eveil du Buddha. Le circuit était vraiment sympa, on a traversé ponts, forêts, deserts et un petit village où Anil nous a fait découvrir une petite école caritative... C'était poignant ! Ce matin nous sommes allés voir deux derniers temples et un petit parc avec plein de papillons et ce soir on a regardé un bout de la demi-finale de criquet et les Indiens étaient bien partis pour gagner... D'ici quelques heures ca va être la grosse fiesta ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya October 19th 2014

Cheguei na Índia dia 18 de outubro, morrendo de medo, todo mundo diz que é perigoso e não sei o que... enfim eu tinha contratado um motorista para me levar para o hostel, então ele estava me esperando lá no aeroporto. Em Delhi, na estrada achei tudo muito parecido com São Paulo, a rua asfaltada, carros que até então não estava buzinando muito. Chegando no hostel, um lugar bem feio, parecia ser um beco. Como cheguei a noite, nem saí. Comi a comida que tinha sobrado do avião e pronto. No dia seguinte, fiz um tour por Delhi com duas meninas da Inglaterra, foi divertido. Almoçamos perto do hostel, comi Palak Paneer, adorei. Achei o templo de lótus lindo demais! Bom, fui para Índia conhecer o Taj Mahal, então no dia seguinte peguei um tour para ... read more
Taj Mahal
Trem na Índia
Lotus Temple

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya May 20th 2013

Klaudia pointed out a monk sitting with his back against a miniature stupa, petting a bird that had landed on his finger. I smiled, commenting that he was a veritable St. Francis of Assisi while we raced monks to leaves that fell from the Bodhi tree that is demarcated as one of the holiest places in Buddhism. After the monks had tired me out, I took a seat under the correct tree this time because we’d earlier taken pictures under the wrong one. “Aww,” I heard Klaudia sigh as a monk beat her to a leaf, confirming that this was the right tree. It was difficult not to contemplate my life as I sat under the same Bodhi tree that Buddhists believe the Buddha himself sat under as he attained Bodhimandala, or enlightenment. My thoughts roamed ... read more
mahabodhi temple
mahabodhi temple
setting up camp at mahabodhi

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya February 22nd 2013

Det ar svalt och skont har i skuggan. Jag sitter pa Gautam lassi corner intill tradet dar Buddha sags ha blivit upplyst och avnjuter en mangolassie. Sa - vad har hant sen sist da? Jo, jag akte ju till Kumbh Mela med Hokotu, vilket var ganska kaosigt. Nar vi kom dit borjade det osregna, och inte lite heller! Manga falt och omraden badade i vatten. Som tur var hittade vi ett stalle, Hare Krisha International Society som var torrt och gastvanligt. Pa kvallen gick vi ut pa en promenad efter det slutat regna, vilket inte var en san bra ide. Nar vi hade gatt i cirka 20 minter borjade det osregna igen. Blev dyblot, inga varma klader kvar. Vi hittade skydd under ett infohus och tog sedan upp ett stort plastskynke fran marken som skydd och ... read more
Hokotus lapp
Hokotus lapp
Sarnath. De tre munkarna till vanster.

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya October 20th 2012

Leaving Sravasti, I set out for Bodhgaya – the place where Buddha became enlightened. It’s the holiest place in Buddhism and you can feel it. For over two thousand years, millions of pilgrims from the world over have made their way there to pray and meditate under the Bodhi tree. By the power of these combined blessings, it is said that all virtue is multiplied by eight in Bodhgaya – one prayer, one prostration, one hour of meditation is as powerful as eight prayers, eight prostrations, or eight hours of meditation anywhere else in the world. I had a few days before my pilgrimage began and it was my goal to complete as many prostrations as I could in this powerful place. Generally, Buddhists perform prostrations to show gratitude for the Triple Gem: the Buddha, the ... read more
Prostration Board
Moth on a Flower
Mahabodhi Temple

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya January 25th 2012

Bit off the grid at the moment. 5 hour drive from Varanasi to Bohd Gaya, where the Buddha sat under the bodhi tree and achieved enlightment. Hotel very basic ( Bohd Gaya very basic for that matter - poverty very challenging ). No Internet in hotel, so am in a cyber cafe (of sorts). Got a long journey to Agra tomorrow ( 17 hours on the road ) so hoping for more facilities there and will be able to provide a full report ( with pics ) the following day. In the meantime, Om Mane Padme Om.... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya January 1st 2012

Prior to leaving on this trip from Alaska, we had made a decision to attend the 32nd annual Kalachakra initiation presented by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. While we had no real idea what we were getting our selves into, we knew it would be a great opportunity/adventure. The Kalachakra initiation was to be presented in a town that could house maybe several thousand tourists at a time, and yet would be attended by appx two hundred thousand. Due to the lack of accommodations, many tent camps were being set up for the attendees. We opted to stay in a tent on the university grounds hosted by the Kalachakra organizing committee and blindly booked our tent many months in advance. So eventually the day arrived when we needed to catch a train from Varanasi to Gaya. ... read more

Asia » India » Bihar » Bodh Gaya December 31st 2011

I've been back in New Delhi for the past week after three weeks in Bodhgaya. For non-Buddhist readers, Bodhgaya is in Bihar State, which is in central northeastern India, near Nepal. Bodhgaya is like the Mecca or Jerusalem of Buddhism, as it is the location where Shakyamuni Buddha, the forth Buddha of this world system attained enlightenment 2500 years ago beneath the bodhi tree. We are currently under his teachings, until the manifestation of the next Buddha, his disciple Maitreya, the Buddha of Loving Kindness. I was in Bodhgaya for teachings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama. I arrived Christmas Eve after two days of train travel from Dharamsala in North India. The journey was exhausting. My Tibetan travel agent could only route me to Gaya proper via Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, a city I wanted ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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