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January 15th 2010
Published: January 15th 2010
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This one is for you Mr Edward Purle, after all your constant questions and nagging I'm finally heading to Nepal! :-)

The decision to go sums up exactly how things are done in India...on a whim! I had all my plans laid out for going to Goa (south India) on the 18th Jan, train tickets booked and ready for my 35 hour extravaganza of a journey! Two nights ago I was helping a friend of mine decide where to go next on her trip, and we ended up on Nepal being her best option. After two hours of 'Nepal talk' I'd talked myself into going with Cathy as well, and so made quick plans yesterday to get the 24 hour bus journey up to Kathmandu, cancel my train tickets to Goa (30 pence cancellation charge - ouch!), and buy some cheap second-hand winter warmers from Bodhgaya's very own wheeling and dealing Del Boy Trotter.

So we head off tomorrow for Nepal. Two days from now I was meant to be heading south to Goa, 30' Celsius, beach-lined Goa with bamboo huts for accommodation and days spent swimming with the monkeys at the sanctuary. But before all that I'm heading north to Nepal's winter, where many roads are shut and tourists are normally found heading south for warmer climates. But hey, this is India, so anything can happen...and I promised Ed I would go for him.

So Nepal here I come, can't wait for whatever we ended up doing. Plans have been made for some rafting, trekking in the Himalayas (low-land), possible elephant ride in the jungle, canyoning? So a bit of a 'holiday' treat away from the craziness of India. Give me 3 days and I'll be missing India already, the chaos and crazy-paced way of life will surely be calling me back! :-)


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