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Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam January 18th 2012

I've been in India for a bit over a week and honestly, I'm avoiding my blog because I don't know where to start. Even just this little explanation has taken around a half an hour to write because I keep trying to elaborate, but it feels impossible. I'll start you off with this video... we didn't do anything other than show up in the neighborhood to see a clean water project. We had fun taking pictures of the kids and elderly women then showing them on our digital cameras. Would have been even better if we had a portable printer to give everyone a copy.... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam January 12th 2011

Darlene “mom” Large, the founder and president of HOINA, arrived on January 5. For days before her arrival children would come up and say in a secretive voice “do you know mom?” “She is like mother Theresa” “Mom is coming, we have to be good” “I love mom so much!” as though they were telling you the deepest feelings of their heart. The students who had met her when she visited their class at York had a different message: She is intense and terrifying. My first encounter with Mrs. Large came outside her apartment adjacent to the girls’ home. She had arrived in the night and had asked for several people to help set up her apartment. A woman of medium build with pure white hair, she moved quickly and with a purpose, her eyes belayed ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam January 4th 2011

Homes of the Indian Nations (HOINA) is an orphanage about 20km outside of Visag. It has two homes separated by about 100meters, one housing 86 girls and the other over 100 boys ranging in age from babies to late teens. It is the closest thing to paradise I have seen since coming to India. It is set against the backdrop of lush green palm trees, rice paddies, mountains and constantly wandering herds of goats and cows. The children come primarily from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, are housed here free of charge, and have their schooling paid for all the way through college or vocational school. Their backgrounds, from what I can gather, seem to be very diverse. Everything from their parents could not feed another mouth and had to put them out to both parents ... read more
play time

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam December 29th 2010

On the way to the Internet Cafe I nearly stepped on a young boy pooping on the sidewalk. Immediately many things go through my mind, such as "Wow that is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen," "wow, that is the saddest thing I have ever seen," "this is the result of negligent parenting," "somebody needs to clean that shit up because I know there is a 90% chance I am stepping in it later," "am I the only one who finds this odd," "I wonder why he chose that spot," "I wonder if he does this often" and so on and so forth. Unfortunately all of these thoughts take me further from the reality of a little boy with his head in his hands pooping on the sidewalk, not to mention uneven sidewalks, ubiquitous ... read more
poor beggar
cows cows cows

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam December 27th 2010

Nice Place Visakhapatnam has a range of tourist attractions including beaches, cliffs, parks on the hilltop facing the sea, long drives along the beach road, a zoological park and wildlife sanctuary, a submarine museum, hill stations, limestone caves, mountain ranges and colorful valleys, all within 100 km from the city. There are two five-star hotels, The Taj and The Park, and a full range of other accommodation Kailasagiri is a park developed by VUDA on a hilltop adjacent to the sea. It offers views of the Bay of Bengal, Vizag city and the Eastern Ghats. A ropeway connects this park from the bottom of the hill The Beach Road from East point colony to Coastal battery is studded with parks, statues, etc., and is an evening gathering point. Along the road can be found India's only ... read more
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Picture 027
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Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam September 5th 2010

Saturday morning found us sat in a simple veg dhaba eating a delicious breakfast of onion outhapham and coffee. The outhapham was served with a type of pickle called Podema which was new to me and absolutely delicious, as well as being very hot indeed. The friendly waiter told me that it is made from a leaf; he was delighted by my interest but unable to explain in any greater detail. I like that it’s an unknown and that I'll probably never eat it again, I don't even think that I heard the name right and I'm not certain of the spelling even if I did. What I do know is that it was the perfect accompaniment to my fluffy outhapham and that it blended seamlessly with the sambar and coconut chutney. My coffee came in ... read more
Hanuman the beggar. At least he made an effort.
Smiles through the rain.
Anny in our breakfast dhaba.

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Visakhapatnam January 9th 2010

Kedves Olvasoink, Reg nem jelentkeztunk, hiszen a kezdo tanfolyam, amit Januar 12-23 kozott tartottunk igen sok tennivaloval es igen keves szabadidovel jart, Gabi es en is tanitgattunk, szerveztunk, kerdesekre valaszoltunk reggeltol estig. Most viszont 3 szabad napunki van, es szeretnenk behozni a lemaradast. Eloszor is minden kedves otthonrol szulinapigratulalonak koszonom az emaileket, jokivansagokat, es virtualis fulhuzasokat. Masodszor pedig a korabban beharangozott osszefoglalora terneki ki, mely az Amma Ashramjaban megnezett okomozik es az Auroville-projectben taopasztalt gyakorlati megoldasokat tekintene at. Az alapproblema az hogy milyen elvarasaink vannak az elettol. Fenntarthatatlanok. Az ok a koolaj alapu gazdasagban-gazdalkodasban rejlik, mely az utobbi 100 evben "elkenyeztette" a nyugati fejlett tarsadalmakat. A koolaj az emberiseg tortenelmenek legkonnyebben haszn... read more

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