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January 19th 2012
Published: January 21st 2012
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To say I love it here would be an understatement.

We always called it "McCloskey Time"... here it's "India Standard Time." Either way = late/own agenda.

The food is incredible. Alex thinks I have a tastebud disorder because I'm constantly complaining about bland food, but that's never the case here... unless someone tones down the spice because I'm American.

I wasn't raised to be religious. My parents did not baptize me and I'm awkward about God, but my Dad did raise me to be a spiritual, loving, kind being. While I couldn't tell you what it is or how it all works, I do believe there is something bigger than us all out there. Without a book to guide my life, I am trying to live my life in a way that I can be proud of my actions. When Alex and I started dating and had the inevitable talk about our beliefs, the one thing I could tell him for sure was that I believe in love. Love for ourselves, our neighbors and strangers. At one point, we all face misfortune and it's up to us to be there for each other and pick each other back
Master Airport-SleeperMaster Airport-SleeperMaster Airport-Sleeper

Julie is actually under that heap on the bench. Take notes, kids.
up. I respect others beliefs and religions so long as they are not allowing their beliefs to negatively effect other people's lives. I feel like over the last couple of years, I've been losing touch with my upbringing and this trip has been refreshing.

We visited a school and observed from the hallway, a class of students meditating. On the wall was a poster that read,

There is only one religion, the religion of love. There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity. There is only one language, the language of Heart. There is only one God, He is omnipresent.

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Layover in Frankfurt, GermanyLayover in Frankfurt, Germany
Layover in Frankfurt, Germany

There was no way I could spend five hours in Frankfurt and not see my good friend, Claudia. She is so stinkin' cute and got up earlier than she would on a work day to come see me at the airport.
Airport GreetingAirport Greeting
Airport Greeting

We blocked other passengers trying to exit the airport because before we could get fully out of the door we received the most incredible welcoming. A large group of people put fresh flower leis around our necks, bindis on our foreheads and a little ceremony took place.
Julie and SuzanneJulie and Suzanne
Julie and Suzanne

On our way to our first destination from the airport.
Julie and I shared this room.Julie and I shared this room.
Julie and I shared this room.

One of the Rotarians was out of town and kind enough to lend us his house while he was gone so the team could spend our first night together.
Little girl on front of MotorcycleLittle girl on front of Motorcycle
Little girl on front of Motorcycle

You may think you're an excellent motorcycle driver, but have you ever tried it with your wife riding side saddle behind you holding an infant, a child in between you and a kid up front? It's the Indian version of a mini-van.
Hired HelpHired Help
Hired Help

The two on the left are a married couple and hired help for this house.

Woman carrying material on her head
Cute girlsCute girls
Cute girls

They came up to ask our names and introduce themselves.
Water buffaloWater buffalo
Water buffalo

They created a traffic jam.

22nd January 2012

Wow, Suzanne
Thanks for being such a great ambassador!!!

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