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April 15th 2010
Published: April 15th 2010
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the light showthe light showthe light show

complete with fountain, lights, and various voices for characters in the story of hyderabad
last week we went up to hyderabad for a little r & r but mostly a freshening up by checking out a new city!

only one day had passed when Josh called from Bangalore saying it was boring at ome & they missed us!!! That night we went to Golkunda Fort which is near the Galbraith's house. Tim wasnt there but Maggie & John took great care of us, with Rachel (maggies friend from the UK) we had a really awesome time. The light show was amazing & the first really good touristy thing we've done for ages!

We also visited a few nutrition programs. ITS AMAZING how many kids get fed just by a small group of people... they're so CUTE! unfortunately many of the grown men take way too much alcohol and tried to take pictures on the camera phones while we fed their hungry kids. Ironic huh. but it was exceptional experience, especially touring the colonies on the outskirts of the city.

During the week we also got to hang with some of the missionaries from around the world (and a couple from Australia too haha) that were there & a bunch of us went
nutrition programnutrition programnutrition program

hungry kids! just want a cup of yummy slop
out for icecream which is always nice in a place thats about 40 degrees every day.

We also visited the orphanages at Shunem & Moinibad. At Moinibad they never refer to the children as anything other than family. Its quite nice, although sad that new government laws have stopped them being able to look after any more kids for now 😞 i guess its for the better to stop those organisations who are not so pure in heart.

Speaking of which, there were riots in parts of hyderabad & much of the city had a 5pm curfew. the traffick at 4.30 was hell but when the army have permission to shoot anyone breaking the curfew people move! It didnt actually affect us that much, just that it took us all week to finally get to Charminar, the old city... which was worth it!!!

After that good little visit, we're back in bangalore & strait into some VBS's (Vacation programs for slum kids) and its super fun! enjoy the pics!!

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out of one big pot...out of one big pot...
out of one big pot...

many many kids line up for some nutritius meal! we tried a little... and trust us, a whole cup would make you full & satisfied for the rest of the day! great stuff
oh that ice-cream???oh that ice-cream???
oh that ice-cream???

yeah thats mine. actually called the titanic. actually mine & bhawans. actually eaten by almost everyone at the table. they ring a bell & the whole restaurant cheers for u when you get it! 9 flavours!
gong the smiley facegong the smiley face
gong the smiley face

only if you enjoyed your ice-cream!!
if ur happy and u know itif ur happy and u know it
if ur happy and u know it

gong the gong! if ur happy and u know it gong the gong! if ur happy and your bloated coz u ate a whole boat of it if ur happy and u know it gong the gong!
giant buddah!giant buddah!
giant buddah!

pretty hyderabad at night!! and apparently the real buddah isnt actually super-fat. we were a little disappointed lol

this is the centre of the crazy place that is charminar. we paid the foreigner's rate of 100/- rs to get in and climb uuuup the top!
from the top!from the top!
from the top!

many autos and markets,people & cool buildings to be seen from here!
conquering charminarconquering charminar
conquering charminar

steep shiny stairs, and no need to pay for a tour coz the security guards are rad up the top & just tell you stuff! i think its coz they're in a good mood from given an up-top shift :)
fireworks shops everywhere!fireworks shops everywhere!
fireworks shops everywhere!

and.. is that luigi?? as in Mario & Luigi? as a pyro lol

20th April 2010

Bout time
Heya, bout time we had another one :P i kid, i know they take forever to put up! Hope it all goes well and see ya in 6 weeks!
20th April 2010

hehe I like your ice-cream song Leah! seems you guys are eating HEAPS of it lately ;P The kids look soooo cute! I'm glad they're getting to eat the, uh... 'slop' and yay! bats!!! I just heard one make bat-noises outside, they seem to be moving around a lot lately, when I went with Ty to Bendigo, there were 3000-odd fruit-bats who'd flown in - we visited them every day! it looks like you're having an awesome time <3 can't wait to party with you both when you return~ ...It would be so amazing if you could get Splendor tix - we'd have to hold a fund-raiser or something, don't think it's possible on such short notice though :( but you're in India! so enjoyyyy~ Adventure! xoxoxo

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