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Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Chittoor District October 14th 2010

5 trips to the sacred land, this from Delhi to rajastan and himachal pradesh and spiti... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Chittoor District July 25th 2009

Driving to Rishi Valley - Monkeys and Villages! As we set off for Rishi Valley, it became apparent pretty soon that the drive was going to be a lot of fun. Initially, we spotted several of the standard animals that you see on the side (or in the middle) of the road: cows, bulls, and dogs. As we started to get out of the city limits however, we started to spot a monkey or two. And then it was like we were in a monkeys-only zoo! They were everywhere - on the side of the highway, on the trees on the side of the road, and of course, in the middle of the highway. This set Carla and Ashley into a state of pure ecstasy, followed by incessant photography accompanied by the occasional shriek of ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Chittoor District » Tirupati May 16th 2009

We left Mamallapuram on 22nd March to catch the train from Chennai to Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. The part of Chennai that we whizzed through was huge, sprawling and like Bangalore: that unique Indian mix of high tech and third world - shiny, glass fronted skyscrapers, surrounded by indescribable filth and deprivation on the ground. The train journey was uneventful apart from an incident involving a ticket inspector and one of the many vendors who walk up and down the trains plying their wares. The inspector suddenly flared up and lashed out at this guy, shouting and hitting him. Why he did this was a mystery, but what impressed us was the apparently unquestioned authority that these officials wield. Bus conductors too, rule their buses with iron fists. The landscape we passed through on the plain ... read more
Araku Valley
 Chatikona market
En route to Puri

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Chittoor District » Chittoor February 25th 2009

This morning me and Erik, my german cycle companion awoke at 6am and it was dark and we were given coffee and then made breakfast, outside under some indian mountains. The sun rose an hour later because of the mountains and so we were late up!! I took a shower under our hosts hose, and not knowin wether i was being shy keeping in my boxer shorts i took them off and began to clean! he ran out of his home horrifed and threw me the towel! Not around here he said! haha! Today is day five since we set of cycling and has been so beautifull, it is gruellingly hard work riding up hills in this kind of heat, but it is hysterically fun dodging huge trucks and buses and riding through all the small ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Chittoor District » Chittoor September 14th 2007

Well, to go to Chittoor again, a busy town in the state of Andhra Pradesh - South India- was a long time wish as I had spent my child hood days here. The roaming around the hills, forests, going around the lovely Greamspet lake are still fresh in my memory though over three decades have passed by. My dad was a bank Manager here those days. We have even scaled the round shaped “Bodi Konda “which is at the town entrance. This is a massive sized rock mountain and at the top is a fresh water pond; I had climbed along with friends somewhere during the summer holidays of 1975! When i see this now I feel amazed as to how i made it to the top ! This was quite close to my house as ... read more
One more view of the temple
The Mugaleeswara temple
Our companion - The Billy Bunter

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Chittoor District » Tirupati September 1st 2007

Ahhhh! So much happening, so little time to write! August 28 was a day of jam-packed traveling. We made our way by train from Trichy to Chennai, leaving at 9:15am(ish). We took the non-A/C car this time, which I vastly prefered to the frigidity of the A/C chair car. Sitting by the window with the sun and wind on my face, we made the 6 hour voyage, speeding through fertile rice and sugar cane fields back to the density of Chennai. I really loved Trichy, with its friendly people and village sensibility and was sad ro be leaving it. The train ride was really amazing though and I listened to my iPod (U2, Achtung Baby, to be exact) and watched the palm trees roll by. Back in Chennai, we dropped Mona Chity and Sangi Mama off ... read more
and again....
close up shot on another guest house
Statuary at Tirupathi

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