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June 1st 2006
Published: January 19th 2014
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1st June: My alarm went off, but I stayed in bed a bit longer. I finally got up showered and finished my packing. Some of my clothes still weren't dry, so I put them back on the rail outside, in the hope that they would dry in time. I very much doubted it and I was proved right. I had a late brekky of scrambled eggs and toast. I tried to get the lasses at reception to burn my memory card onto a CD, however they couldn't do, so this really nice Japanese guy did it on his laptop for me. Bless him! Sarah came back to the hostel and we had a good natter, about what we'd been up to. Her a tonne of stuff, me not so much.

At two 'clock I decided to trek along for the airport shuttle bus. I got there fine and the bus only took half an hour. So I ended up at the airport mega early. I went through to the international departures area and was told it didn't open until four, so there was loads of waiting around to do. Finally at four we were allowed to go through and check-in. Then after check-in we had to fill in a departure card to hand in at passport control. The plane ride was abut an hour, but I was bricking it for most of the flight. I'm sure the pilot must of been a kamikaze pilot in a past life. China Southern didn't even provide us with a proper meal, just a custard cream and a coffee. Hong Kong airport's huge! I got to the front of the huge immigration queue to find out that I needed to fill in an arrivals card. I tried to fill it out at the bloke's desk, but he was having none of it. So, I had to go to the back of the queue. I was not amused! So I tried to twoc his pen, but I had to give it back when I got to the front of the queue.

After getting my bag, I went out for the airport bus. Bloody hell, it's hot here! Getting the bus was easy, everything was signposted well. However once on the bus, I didn't really have a clue where I was going. I found the right stop to get off at, but then I still had no idea, which way to go. So when some touts was like do you need a room, I was said yes, so they would lead the way to Mirador Mansions. They looked canny pissed off when we got there and I told them I already had a room booked, and asked the way to the lifts. Haha! One up on the touts. The hostel I'm staying in is okay, not the greatest place I'be ever stayed. I got talking to this bloke, Wayne in the dorm, he gave me a map and pointed me in the direction of a supermarket and a sandwich shop. Chicken mayo sarnie. Yummy! Just like Greggs. Back at the hostel I spent some time talking to Wayne, he's a bit of a tosser. One of those pretentious arty types.

2nd June: Wayne woke me up to see if I wanted some breakfast. I had to say yes, because I couldn't think of an excuse quick enough. Bugger! I had a quick shower and then we set off to a place Wayne knew. The breakfast was nice, we has tea, a custard tart, and a bacony bread thing. Shame about the company, Wayne was really getting on my nerves. He's a bit of a sleaze, too. And it gets worse, I agreed to meet up with him later. Double bugger!

I decided to go and try and find Neleh and Michael's hotel, so that when they arrived I wouldn't be dicking around looking for it. So I set off via the hostel to get my umbrella as it was pissing down. I walked down to the Star Ferry and decided to take that from Kowloon across to Hong Kong Island. However I couldn't see much because of all the rain and the mist. it also started thundering and lightening, when I was on the boat. I was shitting myself! I headed to the MTR to get the rest of the way to the hotel, as it was too far to walk in the rain. I found the hotel fine. Oh my god, it's sooo posh. I wandered around Hong Kong Island for a few hours getting completely drenched in the process.

I went to a nice bookshop back in Kowloon and ended up buying a book, 'Mao's Last Dancer'. The books are more expensive than on the mainland, but there is a much better English language selection. I headed to Starbucks for my caffeine fix of a couple of cappuccinos and to read. Later I went back to the hostel to meet up with Wayne to go and see the light show. It was abut a fifteen minute walk from the hostel to the Avenue of Stars. The light show was good, but not as brilliant as everyone made out. After the light show, I headed back to the hostel and had an early night because I was knackered.

3rd June: I had a terrible night's sleep. People kept coming in and out of the dorm all night, the air-com was really loud, and the bed was rock hard! Not a great combination. I headed up to Cosmic guesthouse (Lisa had recommended it) to see if they had space. They did and I would get a room to myself. It's gonna be so nice to have a room to myself for a bit. I had a shower moved my stuff upstairs. After sorting my stuff out I decided to head over to the peak.

I took the ferry over to Hong Kong Island. I sat in the park and had a sarnie for my lunch. Then I headed off to find the Peak Tram. It was a bugger to find, however I got there in the end. The tram ride was nothing spectacular at first, but that changed as we emerged from the mist and we could see down on all the skyscrapers. It was really steep as the tram went up the hillside. Once I got to the top I started off following one of the trails and I didn't really have a clue where I was going. The trees were really nice and it looked mystical because of all the fog. My god! There were some freakish insects when I was walking around! Big hairy centipedes, huge ants and bats! Eventually I finished the walk and headed to the shopping centre on the peak to buy some presents for people back home.

I had a Makkers for dinner. Traditional Chinese cuisine?! After that I headed back for the ferry and somehow managed to get a bit lost on the way. I made it there in the end though. When I got back to the guesthouse I was shattered so I had a bit of a snooze and wrote my postcards. I went for a wander later in the evening and grabbed a sarnie from 7/11, to keep me going, as I stayed up late reading.

4th June: I had a really lazy morning. I didn't get up until twelve and then I read for a couple of hours. I went out to get a sarnie and ended up buying two. Then I went to Starbucks for a caffeine fix. I headed back to the guesthouse and read some more. God, I'm being so lazy instead of going out and exploring. I just kept dossing about until Neleh texted me to say that they had landed, so I gt ready and headed out to the metro. I bumped into Glenn, who looked as dazed and confused as I had the day before! We had a quick chat and wished each other well for the future.

I got to Neleh and Michael's hotel fine. The streets surrounding it were really busy. I went up to their room. It's a million times better than mine and that's putting it nicely. They have a great view too. We decided to go out for a proper chat up and hit some bars. We found these three streets that were filled with bars and it totally reminded me of being in Spain or Greece, only hotter! The beers were expensive. In the first bar we had a cup,e of beers and I got some potato skins with chili and cheese because I was starving. Then we headed to another bar and sat outside there too. The next bar we went into reminded me a lot of revolution at home, but it was a lot smaller, it was tiny! I had to stop drinking lager and I had an orange juice, because I hadn't had so much fizz in such a long time that I couldn't stop burping and felt a bit sick. We headed to one last bar for a drink and they sold bottles of Woodpecker. Heaven! After a drink there it as time to head home in separate taxis. It was lovely having a proper chat and not the usual traveller chat.

5th June: I headed over to Neleh and Michael's hotel and we changed the initial plans we had made the night before. We decided to head to Stanley and check out the markets today.We took the metro to central and then tried to find the bus station. We got a bit lost at first but we found it quickly. The bus ride to Stanley took about twenty five minutes. it was very bumpy and poor Neleh felt sick. The views on the ride over there were spectacular and we passed by Repulse Bay. The blocks of flats looked very posh, you must have to be minted to live there.

When we arrived in Stanley we were all starving, so we decided to hit up a restaurant before we started shopping. When we were walking along the promenade all the restaurants seemed to only serve English food. But we managed to find one place that did dim sum! The lunch was great and then we were ready to hit the market. I went a bit crazy and bought loads of stuff. I got a jewelry box, a bag and a copy of Mao's Little Red Book. I'm a backpacker, I shouldn't be buying unnecessary crap! All the shopping left us feeling thirsty, so we popped into a pub for a pint. The pub was a traditional English style one. The toilets were fab, the lasses were called 'squat & squirt' and the lads were called 'point and piss'! Brilliant!

We headed back on the bus, taking in the stunning views again. This time the ride wasn't so bumpy though. We got back to central and split up, so we could all go home and shower. I met up with them again about sevenish. We decided to go to some more markets. We went to the Ladies Market first. Nelen bought a snidey Chloe bag, it was her first time haggling, bless her. My god, for watches you don't have to bother haggling because they are so cheap, not like the bloody Silk Market in Beijing! I bought some watches as presents for family. Later on I saw a stall selling Paul Frank watches for $20, so naturally I had to get one for myself.

After the Ladies Market, we headed over to the Temple Street Night Market. We came in the back way and were confronted with a load of stalls selling sex toys. We tried to persuade Michael to haggle for some, but he was having none of it. I bought a Paul Frank purse also in pink, well it'll match my watch and yet another chopstick set. Got to haggle for the last one though, Down from 139 to 65, not too bad. After our shopping spree we headed to the Golden Horse restaurant for an absolutely lush tea. Then we headed to an English pub, which had exclusively Chinese clientele, bar us! They were all sitting playing these dices games, we had no idea what they were doing. It was really noisy from the noise of all the dice rattling. We tried to have a go at the game, but had to give up pretty sharpish. Afterwards we headed to the Irish bar in Chungking Mansions for a lovely pint of Strongbow. The Irish bar was a complete contrast to the other one, and much better. Then I headed home to do my packing, ready for Macau and the off tomorrow.

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