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March 31st 2013
Published: April 5th 2013
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Hong KongHong KongHong Kong

Bustling Hong Kong street scene.
We arrive in Hong Kong to mist and drizzle hiding the tops of the hills and mountains, BUT it is a lot warmer than snowy UK! Driving is on the left hand side here but with everything in km. Apparenty it changes to right hand side when we get to China.

I pick up my hotel transfer and we set off into the heavy traffic. The driver says it was a lot busier earlier so it should only take about half an hour to get to the hotel. We pass massive tower blocks 60 to 70 storeys high - all with BALCONIES! So far there is no incessant beeping of horns which is looking promising for a quieter trip than other countries. Long may it continue.

My tinitus is whistling so bad after the flight I sometimes think people will turn to see where the noise is coming from it sounds so loud to me. Hopefully it will quieten down once my ears have adjusted to different pressures.

We flew into an island area with rocky outcrops dotted about and we have to drive quite a way to Hong Kong proper. There is a toll to get through
Meeting my roomie for the tripMeeting my roomie for the tripMeeting my roomie for the trip

I luck out again with a great roomie, Renee from Australia.
but it seems they knew Princess Lottie was arriving as we whizz straight through an open gate. Wow they really do love their high rise here. Every spare piece of land has one towering skywards even in amongst the rocky areas of the islands. I can see some ferries, maybe the one we go on tomorrow is one of them. We emerge from a long tunnel then head out across a big, modern bridge with massive docks below housing huge container ships.

One sky scraper is soooo high the top is actually hidden by clouds! Crazy!

And so I finally arrive at my hotel and meet my fellow travellers for the next two or so weeks.

There's my roomie Renee from Australia, couple Tom and Sarah from New Zealand, but now living in Australia and finally Aaron also from Australia. They are all in their early to late 20s so I'm the oldie for this trip. Young at heart though so we should all get on fine.

Our tour guide is called Dennis and seems like a lot of fun. He takes us through the itinerary, what to expect and a bit about responsible travel. Let's hope we stick to this at least a little.

Here's to the start of my amazing adventure in China 😊


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