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May 18th 2012
Published: May 18th 2012
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So I just arrived in Hong Kong after a 14 hour flight. I'm pretty exhausted and confused and have absolutely no idea what time or day it is, but I have one more plane to catch then I can settle in on a date and time. There is a huge mountain range out the window next to the gate I'm at. I was wondering for a little while why I couldnt understand even some of the words the people next to me are speaking, then I realized i'm sitting in the gate for Bangkok, Thailand. They gave me a vegetarian meal on the plane, but it was mysterious and I'm not sure exactly what it was...so I tried it and it wasn't too bad! Also I feel like everyone will want to know the restaurants at this airport serve duck pizza. Anyhow I'm going to figure out where and how to get coffee and I will update again in Chengdu!


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