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March 23rd 2012
Published: March 23rd 2012
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<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Friday 23rd March 2012

Oh no! Today was the day of the QM2’s guest talent show and it was every bit as awful as the Queen Elizabeth’s talent show. I have never heard “If” by Rudyard Kipling read quite so badly. Nor have I ever seen a magician who turns his back to his audience in order to do the ‘magic’. And we had the same terrible Frank Spencer skit by the same guy who did it on the Elizabeth. And it was word for word the same and awfulness for awfulness the same too. We also had a guy who really could play the piano. He even managed to hit the right notes most of the time. But he stitched himself up when he turned over 2 pages at once. That’s not something you see very often on a concert stage. But it does make for some very entertaining home movies! At least if any of you get to see our video, you’ll be able to laugh out loud. We had to sit and clap politely, if a little on the quiet side!

It’s been a very relaxing day today partly because you couldn’t really go outside even if you wanted to. It’s been very windy and we’ve had lots of cold rain too. Fingers crossed it improves by the time we get to Hong Kong and we still have another day’s sailing to try and put some distance between us and this bad weather. We’re sailing south now so we’re feeling hopeful.

It’s formal night on board ship this evening so my wedding outfit is getting another airing. The cost per wear is finally getting down to something not too awful. I knew if I hung on to it long enough, it would feel like a bargain!


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