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May 30th 2006
Published: May 13th 2006
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Flying back is uneventful, apart from the girl next to me who fell asleep quickly after takeoff and promptly lost control of her neck, leaving her head antisocially lolling from side to side. The in-flight movies and music channels repeat every couple of hours, and uninterrupted cloud makes the view wholly unremarkable. Despite flying during daytime for both our origin and destination time zones, the hostesses close all the blinds and dim the cabin lights, presumably to reduce the stress of three hundred people in a confined space but it further messes with my jetlag. By the time I land in Heathrow (well, it’s hard to tell if we landed or were shot down) it’s evening, I’m expecting morning and I’ve been awake 28 hours. The journey back is wholly unremarkable though (which is what we should strive for, I suppose) and I finally sleep around midnight. Now I’m back to stringent health and safety, high-vis jackets and long working hours (but short shopping hours!).

Last theme - Leaving on a jetplane? Are you gonna go my way? Even Stereophonics’ Dakota would fit somehow, but just a period of peace and quiet would be quite nice just now.


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