26th April.

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April 26th 2006
Published: April 27th 2006
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Health and safety?Health and safety?Health and safety?

There's no way I'm going to walk under a grab that holding a ton of aggregate!
I spent the day examining how the bus company manage modifications to their buses by trial, examination and then modifying the whole fleet. It’s a process that seems to generate more paperwork than spanner time but seems to get results.

In the evening I went to Happy Valley race course, the headquarters of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and one of the entertainment epicentres in HK. Ronald has membership so I meet Rose, Arthur, Toni and Bill again and we’re able to have dinner in the member’s box overlooking the finish line. There are five races, and after two I’ve worked out how the odds are displayed and roughly how to bet, so I spread around £5 on three horses (it’s big money!) and make a small profit. Keeping the original stake and reinvesting the winnings, by the end of the evening I’ve nearly doubled my money, but at this level it’s hardly about winning. Everyone is enjoying the racing and having small bets, even though Ronald hasn’t been to watch the racing since his son was born. I’m sure small fortunes were won and lost in the stands below us though, the screens showed millions of HK$ were bet
Arthur and forkArthur and forkArthur and fork

The solution to 'how to balance two forks on a glass using a toothpick'. Obviously.
on every race

Today’s theme: Dire Straits ‘Money for nothing’.


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