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January 3rd 2008
Published: November 25th 2008
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Left Manila Dec 31, 2007 with the entire family (all 6 adults and 2 kids) , back after 3 nights. It was very cold in Hongkong and Macau and we loved it! I’d say the best ever New Year and family trip we ever had!

Aged 10 (Patricia) and 7 (Martin), the apos never missed a beat in the ten hours we spent in Disneyland. Ten hours! To think I worried sick about the kids’ energy levels, and was quite ready with a book to while the time till the 9pm fireworks! I never managed to read even a page. Just before noon till 10 pm, the entire family was busy watching Disney shows, getting dizzy in those crazy spinning teacups which both apos loved to ride, shooting beamlights a la Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, catching up with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pooh, Belle, Snow White , etc for photo shots ( Bautista family, the sisterhood, the apos with mamu, the entire family—- haaay…..) , waiting for the Disney parade, watching the fireworks, etc. Hay, my legs were about to give up by the time we got back to our hotel .

I knew Martin
Mad HatterMad HatterMad Hatter

These kids + their Mamu did the spinning teacups twice too many.
was tired when he started running after Donald Duck, shouting McDonald!!! Ha ha ha. After all, he did 3 rounds of Astro Blasters by then and 2 rounds of the Mad Teacups. He also got a lot of ‘beating’ from the mascots who loved to tease him, covering his face each time he got ready for a photo! Patricia is discovering the joys of shopping as she got her neck scarf, stuffed toy, sunglasses, pins, disney hat, etc from the Emporium. Martin was not about to be cheated , of course. He had his own shopping bag as well! After all, there were Titas around to buy stuff for them. And they have their Christmas collections with them! Oh, they must have felt so spoiled ! Only this time. Only today, everyone chorused.

The next day, we took the ferry for Macau. Oh, that was an awful ferry ride both ways! The evening ferry ride was even worse and Suzette and Patricia threw up the whole one hour ride. Ayayay, Macau is quite interesting though. We got there around noon and promptly hired a van which a Mr. Hong drove for the next 3 hours or so , touring us around Macau . Shelly must have been dead tired, what with the whole day Disney outing the day before and the late night shopping she did the last 2 nights, that she started calling the driver Mr. Kong. (Parang Hong Kong?) Each time she’d call out Mr. Kong, the rest of the family will shout back ‘it’s Mr. Hong!’ The last stop in Macau was in Venetian Hotel where we got off the van, entered the hotel, all 7 of us, forgetting Patricia was left outside the hotel! Can you imagine how that shook all of us back to normal? We all ran out shouting her name, and there was Patricia, all cool and collected, even smiling, just waiting for us. She even said that she knew we would all come back for her! How we wanted to kick ourselves then and there. Thank God she was ok.

On the day of our departure, we left in 2 batches. The first batch had some snags as immigration officials claimed there was no entry record for Martin! Good thing, he was traveling with his mom and dad. We had no problem with Patricia in the 2nd batch though. But, and here’s a big but! We held the flight for a good 5 minutes as we waited img_5533for Mayette . We were doing some shopping at the airport and decided we’d just meet at the gate before boarding time. Ha ha and a big Ha. Mayette barely made it as she was held up because of some magnets she bought. They almost closed the boarding gates, and Patricia was about to cry that Tita Mayette won’t be joining us going home. NaKU! Good thing she made it just in time.

We are now all home, well almost all of us anyway. Shelly is still out with friends. The rest are just sitting it out like couch potatoes, trying to rest our butts after a hectic 4 day holiday. Only the kids won’t stop talking, asking when we’d go back to Disneyland. Every so often, they’d say ‘Hongkong’ together, chanting it like a mantra. I told them to pray hard that the stock market goes bullish and that the dollar gets stronger, he he he. Let’s see if their prayers work. Meanwhile, we are busy comparing notes and photos. The pictures will tell you how much fun we had.

Additional photos below
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Kids Go Business ClassKids Go Business Class
Kids Go Business Class

We got lucky.....all got upgraded!
Chip and Dale Chip and Dale
Chip and Dale

Martin getting a beating from Chip and Dale
A Magical NightA Magical Night
A Magical Night

Tita Mayette's First Disney Visit
Mamu with her "little ones"Mamu with her "little ones"
Mamu with her "little ones"

Pumpkins, little ones, honey, sweeties, etc.
Just Arrived!  Just Arrived!
Just Arrived!

Hongkong Central for our first leg of shopping.......
It all started with this Disney metroIt all started with this Disney metro
It all started with this Disney metro

The little ones were dripping with excitement starting with this metro ride to Disneyland.

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