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March 22nd 2007
Published: August 6th 2007
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Saigon to Hong Kong

So, we went to the the peak to enjoy the view and take some photos. After a 10 min steep tram ride up the hill we arrived the Peak Tower and went to the viewing area. The scenary is magnificent and it gets even better when it gets dark. We stayed for a while to take som photos. After a while a security guard told us that we were'nt allowed to use a tripod and that tripods could only be used from the slighlty raised "balcony" area behind the main viewing area. Odd rule, but ok. Packed away the tripod. a few minutes later we saw a number of asian people using tripods with their cameras. The same security guard was very close to them and didn't interfere, but as soon as he saw that D saw that the guard saw that other people were using tripods and didn't tell them off, hhe turned around quickly and tried to get away from us. D cought up with him, just to ask him again what the rules where.
- Why can they use a tripod and not me?
- I don't know, said the security guard, trying to look like he didnn't understand.
- Do they have a special permit or tickett or something, D continued?
- I don't know, said the guard.
- But, you told me just a few minutes ago that I couldn't use a tripod, but you allow these people to use it. Why is that?
- I don't know.
- I really don't understand this, said D, now really confused. Has it somehthing to do with... the colour of my skin?
- It's, OK you can use it , said the guard suddenly and then walked away.
We like to think not, but D had obviously been subject to raisism. For a white person, this is a rare and probably very important experience, but nevertheless unpleasent.

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HK isn't just a high-rise ghettoHK isn't just a high-rise ghetto
HK isn't just a high-rise ghetto

Fields on Lamma island.
Harbour on Lamma islandHarbour on Lamma island
Harbour on Lamma island

Complete with dragon boats!
HK from Peak TowerHK from Peak Tower
HK from Peak Tower

(without tripod)
View from the Giant BuddhaView from the Giant Buddha
View from the Giant Buddha

Would have been a lot better without the clouds
Very convenient outdoor walkways takes...Very convenient outdoor walkways takes...
Very convenient outdoor walkways takes...

you from lower central HK to mid-level.
People between 25 and 45 and cats...People between 25 and 45 and cats...
People between 25 and 45 and cats...

seem to be the most common habitants of central HK.
88 floors & HK's tallest88 floors & HK's tallest
88 floors & HK's tallest

and from what we understand one of the 10 tallest buildings in the world.

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