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February 26th 2007
Published: March 12th 2007
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We left Hanoi just in time as it started to rain heavily while we were in the airport waiting for our flight to Hong Kong. The flight was short only about one hour but due to the storm it was turbulent much of the way which made both of us unnerved and relieved to get off the plane in Hong Kong.

The city was a shock from Vietnam! The cleanliness, technology, and prices were unbelievablely steep. It felt much like a high tech North America. We took the bus, the cheapest mode of transportation to the city and it came out to be 20 Hong Kong Dollars each or 3 Canadian so not bad for a 45 minute drive. After finding the cheapest room we could for as much as our Christmas room on Koh Tao we set out to see if anything in the city was open at 2:00 am. After some searching we finally found a place and had some unsatisfying food that was to us, pricy. After finding liver in my soup and horrified I had already eaten some without looking we quickly payed and left. Then as we were walking back to our place in
Hong Kong streetHong Kong streetHong Kong street

Just a five minute walk from our place.
Causeway Bay right in the thick of 20 to 60 story high rise apartments we saw a 24 hour food market and got some bread for food, having not eaten much at our first dining experience. The following morning we got up thinking more clearly after our sleep and decided since the floor we were on had a communal kitchen we should make all our own food because it would be far cheaper. That morning we went to the store with our planned out list and bought just over 200 HKD worth of food to last us the four days we had left. It saved us loads of money considering dining at Subway cost the two of us 90 HKD with no drink. We were staying in a section of town where there were car dealerships galore, including Porche, Lamborgini, Lexus, Lotus, etc... Aside from the prices this city is great and easy to get around. After a day of walking around and looking at all the amazing buildings around our place in downtown and applying for our visa for China we started to do more touristy things. The following day we went to the top of Victoria Peak to see the most amazing view of the Hong Kong skyline. We also played some new XBOX 360 games that Trevor loved and Andrew tried to learn. Also we took a river boat to see the city from the water, it was also a stunning view. Then the following day we got our train tickets to Shanghai, a 25 hour train ride. We also walked around Kowloon for a few hours, a nice section of town where there were great markets with cheaper shopping than Hong Kong island. That night we decided to go to a more high class place for drinks and had our eyes set on this ice bar we saw,we had a great time. We went into their coldest room -20 and tryed various flavors of vodka they brought us. It remided us of home to breathe in cool air. After staying in the room for an hour and a half our feet and hands had had enough and we headed back to our place for dinner. Our last full day in Hong Kong we went up the worlds longest escalator which was 800 meters and a great way to see the city. Two buildings that stood out
Hong Kong from the FerryHong Kong from the FerryHong Kong from the Ferry

Not the warmest of days.
to us were the Bank of China and the IFC building, two of the tallest and most distinct landmarks in Hong Kong. We went to ask if we could go to the top of both of them and surprisingly we were allowed, for free! The views were great. Overall, Hong Kong was a nice city with great views, but to expensive for our budget at the moment. We both had a great time.

Currently we in China and will update the blog soon on everywhere we have been since Hong Kong.

Thanks for reading everyone, we love to hear from you!
Andrew and Trev.

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Hong Kong Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Mc Donalds escalator so over weight people can get there burning even fewer calories.

So high tech! It was scary to stand there and have things fly at you. Sadly the picture could not capture it.
Hong Kong's tallest buildingHong Kong's tallest building
Hong Kong's tallest building

We got to go up it!
Hong KongHong Kong
Hong Kong

Our hotel is in that big cluster of highrises.
Trev gamin' at Victoria PeakTrev gamin' at Victoria Peak
Trev gamin' at Victoria Peak

Andrew's taking the picture because he couldn't keep up...that time
Victoria PeakVictoria Peak
Victoria Peak

a little rainy
Victoria Peak at nightVictoria Peak at night
Victoria Peak at night

We stayed up there for some time, eating, gaming, and looking at the view.
Our roomOur room
Our room

A little expensive and messy.

12th March 2007

Hey Trev...these updates are great! I'm thrilled you guys are having a good time - stay safe! E.
13th March 2007

Great to here from you again we were wondering where you ended up. Glad you have got your tickets into China. Your pictures look a lot better then the ones mom and I have from there. I forwarded you an email about the best part of the Wall to see.
13th March 2007

Great blog on Hong Kong, we had much better weather when we were there, we flew to Bejing but came back by train from Shanghai. One of our party was squeezed off the platform in the rush, so be careful. Wear your woollies on the wall, even in the fall it was cold. Stay clear of ice bars. Love Granny Pat.
17th March 2007

Jelous you guys got to Hong Kong before me. Hey so what do you guys suggest doing then when i am out there, that would be cool if you could tell me some cool things to do and things i shouldnt waste my time on. Looks like you guys are having fun, keep givener

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