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September 16th 2008
Published: September 22nd 2008
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Last weekend was a long one due to the Mid-Autumn festival, celebrating the full moon. We had the Monday off work, so on Sunday I decided to go on a camping trip, and little did I realise I would find a small piece of paradise in Hong Kong!

Myself and 6 others met in Sai Kung and stocked up on barbecue supplies before taking a bus out into the hills. From there we walked for two hours through the countryside with fantastic views of the sea and the surrounding hills. Being a hot and humid day, it was a bit of a sweaty walk, but absolutely worth it! We went up and over a hill and descended down to the beach. On the main beach there was a restaurant where we sat down to a refreshing drink. Once we had collected our tents we walked five minutes further round to a beach that had been left in it's natural state, not a skyscraper, restaurant, bar or 7-11 in sight!

First thing was a much needed swim in the sea. We ran across the fine sand and straight into the clearest water I have come across in Hong Kong. Later, I was on wood patrol and had to donate my towel to the cause, while the others pitched the tents on the beach. There were also a few small buffalo's walking round in the greenery! Once it got dark and we'd been swimming for a while we dug a hole in the sand and made a fire. We sat round barbecuing our dinner, and it was beautiful with the fire and the bright full moon. To join in with the festivities we donned our glow sticks too - popular attire for the full moon festival!

All night it was warm enough for a bikini and I wasn't getting bitten. I went for a night time stroll along the beach, and a night time swim. It was so pretty, and I could see everything because of the moon, no torch needed and no streetlights around.

I really find it hard to put into words how lovely it was, especially when I went there from a crowded, commercial city. To be out there in the warmth and sitting round a fire on a beach, just made me feel very lucky to be there. We kept our fire going for hours, and listened to some chilled out music.

Waking up and stepping out to a lovely sunny day and straight into the sea just topped it off! I was a happy lady! I spent the day on the beach and in the sea before getting a speedboat back to Sai Kung feeling very content after a beautiful, relaxing weekend with friends.

We are all making plans to go again next month!
J xx

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8th October 2008

I have stolen the footsteps photo and it is now my background on my computer!

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