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March 29th 2012
Published: April 1st 2012
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Well we awoke to a semi clear day outside and cars still bumper to bumper on the roads outside. Our window view is over the harbour and looking straight across to Kowloon. Our apartment is in a pretty good spot and close to the MTR (Train) and the ferryies to go up and down the harbour. We are about five mins walk if you want catch a ferry anywhere.

The girls were up and Frankie was asking for brekkie so we got the girls and lil man sorted and worked out what we should do for the day. Abby’s dad had said if it was clear we should head up to the peak to see the view of Hong Kong but to me it was semi clear so we decided to head to Disney land which was about a 50min trip on the MTR out to Lantau Island. As you can imagine, this made the girls very happy..

After Frankie had woken up after a nap we headed out to get our adventure under way. We made our way to Causeway Bay station and got the train to Hong Kong station. Then we had to swap trains to Sunny bay and then to Disneyland..I must say it was a bit full on to start with but its very well sign posted. There are travel advisors on most stations to help with your trip and if you get stuck with directions the trains are very quick and there’s always one within 2 mins if you miss it.

We got off the train at Disneyland and headed for the main gate. After we got in we had a look around the main street and got a cuppa and some lunch as we didn’t get here til about 12pm. Then we decided to head over to watch “The Golden Mickeys” which was a mock up of the Oscars that played different movies scenes and songs. It was really good. Forgot to mention when we brought our tickets we also brought a Star Pass which got us to the front of the Queue which helped, so when everyone was lining up Abby and the girls went for a ride on the teacups so it was worth the extra few dollars to jump the line. While Dani and Zav were waiting for the teacups we were mobbed again by a Chinese family who wanted photos with Frankie. Then they wanted photos with Abby, they even pushed me out of the road to be able to take the pics.

The next ride we all went on was Space mountain. Abby and Dani went first, then Zav and I. it was a full on roller coaster ride in the dark. Abby and Dani said they loved it and Zav laughed the whole way round, it was great fun. We then headed over to the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and battled it out with the Evil Emperor Zurg with laser cannons to help Buzz save the Universe. Hong Kong Disney is a place where you can get around pretty quickly as it’s not that big. . Abby and I had a break with lil man and the girls went to Autopia where they drove around together in cars on Highways of the future. Zav drove and Dani had the break and accelerator, they both loved it. We took a few pics with the 3 of them in the car then headed towards “ITS A SMALL WORLD” where we all jumped in the boat and went around. Frankie loved all the children singing and was bopping up and down. The colours were amazing and we were all impressed by the ride it was very cool. This was definitely as good as the one in Anaheim, if not better.

We next went over to Winnie the Poo adventure ride and the girls took photos and Frankie also enjoyed the ride smiling and waving to everything along the way.

Next was off to see the Mickey’s Phillarmagic show. It is a 4D show where we got to watch different characters from the different movies like Simba, Peter Pan, Aladdin, which made us feel like we were flying on the magic carpet. We also got to smell pies and cakes.

We were then off to Toy Story Land – Hong Kong Disney’s latest area. It is just awesome walking into the land as it makes you feel like you are one of the toys. Dani and Stu went on the RC Racer ride while Zav and I went on the slinky ride. We had a Mickey Mouse cookie while there and they were delicious.

Our next stop was adventure land where we took a raft over to Tarzan’s Treehouse. It was really cool with all the interactive things to do there like playing the drums on cast iron pans, using an old movie camera to watch Tarzan, climbing ropes as well as being able to climb up the tree.

Our last stop was the front of the castle where we got to watch the laser light show and fireworks. We got some roasted corn and turkey legs to munch on while watching the show. It went for about 15 mins and a story was narrated as the lights and fireworks went on. A great end to a fabulous day!

We managed to get the kiddies a pair of Mickey Mouse ears each, wasn't that easy here. At Disneyland, Anaheim they had stalls everywhere for them but here we only saw them the once and that was right at the end in the souvenier shop on Main Street.

After approx 45 mins and 2 line changes on the MTR we were back at Causeway Bay, after a long day we grabbed some noodle dishes and ate them back at the apartment.

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1st April 2012

Wow, looks like so much fun!

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