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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon February 17th 2016

On vacation but don't sleep in due to jet lag. I figured I could catch up while crossing the Pacific Ocean. This hotel also offered free hot breakfast but without the baked beans that are traditional in Québec. Good thing as the air conditioning on the plane isn't that good. Thankfully, returning the rental car was uneventful. A quick hop over the Rockies. Once we had reclaimed our baggage we headed over to the international departure area. Vancouver international Airport is my favourite from around the world. I love its open concept, the panoramic views of the mountains and the native artwork everywhere. Here are some details of Bill Reid's creation myth. Something I had not noticed on other visits was a display of Inuit sculptures. Here is a photo of one piece that perfectly mirrored ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 29th 2015

Hey Guys so a lot of stuff has been going on lately and in the following Blog I’m going to tell about my (Not so ) Awesome HSK3 Test, The Chinese Movie Dubbing Contest in which I took part, My Trip to Hong Kong and Macau and of course the Chinese Christmas. So let’s get started. Kicking it off with my trip to Hong Kong and Macau. Finally my time came to travel to HK and Macau. Because for some reason I decided to get a Visa with which I can only reenter China twice, I haven’t been out of China. HK and Macau are both considered special administrative regions, thus not mainland china. With Macau directly bordering to Zhuhai and Hong Kong only being about an hour away, not being able to visit these great ... read more
Hong Kong Skyline 2
HK Skyline at night

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon September 18th 2015

L'arrivée à HK était assez étrange. On a pris un train de nuit Guilin-Shenzhen et étions supposés gagner HK via un métro à Shenzhen. Étant donné le statut spécial dont jouit Hong Kong, le passage n'est pas si évident que cela. Contrôle des passeports et visas, changement de monnaie, on déambule entre les magasins duty free de la station de métro avec l'impression bizarre de se retrouver dans un aéroport. En arrivant dans notre chambre, je constate que ma tablette ne donne plus aucun signe de vie. Génial. Après avoir essayé tout et n'importe quoi, je me décide de commencer l'autopsie au couteau suisse. Tout se passe plutôt bien jusqu'à un léger blocage. Je force et constate que le blocage provient de la carte SD qui est toujours insérée, et qui est en train de se ... read more
Maison centenaire au cœur de la ville
Drapeaux chinois et hong-kongais

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon September 16th 2015

Leaving tonight at 11.00pm for Germany. We asked for a late check out so we would have a base for the day when needed then hopped on a bus to the Star Ferry terminal and sailed across to Hong Kong Island for a nosey around. Specifically we wanted to ride the big escalator in the sky which, in other visits to HK we hadn't got around to. It was easy to find walking through the elevated walkways above the jam-packed streets. They're open sided so a breeze blows through and they're probably a few degrees cooler than at street level. Hectic activity below on the street. You have to wonder what all the activity is about. Who's going where for what, to do what to whom and why? The Central mid levels escalator rises 135 metres ... read more
HK Day 3
HK Day 3

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon September 15th 2015

We slept like angels. Angels who snore and have to get up in the night to pee. Awake at 5.30am and dozed for a good while before shaking ourselves out of our slightly jet-lagged mode and into 'let's get breakfast' mode. Plenty of variety at the breakfast place. Packed stuff away to have for morning tea, frugal as we are. Cheapskates as we are... Today, somewhere different so on the MTR to Hong Kong , off at the Admiralty stop and on the 260 bus to Stanley Bay. It took about half an hour to travel across the island to a relatively unpopulated and fresh environment on the coast with green-blue seas, golden sand beaches and trade wind-like breezes. The double-decker bus wormed its way around stupidly tight bends high above the water clipping trees on ... read more
Hong Kong Day 2
Hong Kong day 2
Hong Kong day 2

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 13th 2015

One thing that immediately caught our attention in Hong Kong was where we were staying. We mentioned that we were staying in a budget hotel (with that ignorant man) but this hotel was actually located on the 16th floor in the 2nd block of the building. There were 5 blocks altogether. The place we refer to is the notorious Chungking Mansions. When reading reviews on the place we had booked, we stumbled across a comment that said the whole building was overrun by Indians and Africans and was "unsafe". We thought such comment was judgemental in the "over-run" bit but also unquantified by the "unsafe" part as they failed to justify this. One thing they were right about was the mix of races and nationalities here and it had us fascinated. Its true there were many ... read more
Hong Kong by day
Buddha on Lantau island
Wooden columns with the heart sutra inscribed

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 11th 2015

Stepping outside into the streets of Hong Kong, huge smiles formed across our faces. We were hit by the bright neon signs and tried to take in the tall buildings that surrounded us. The many pedestrian shoppers, cars and the brightly coloured cabs that created a functioning but chaotic scene on the wide streets. Everything moved; people, traffic, shop sellers, shoppers, people going to and from work. Everything. Everything had a purpose, a direction and we stood there completely out of place trying to take in our surrounds. Wow! We liked the feel of it. The city was alive and it only grew as the day drew into night... ...Before that moment however we arrived in Hong Kong at stupid o'clock in the morning (due to our cheaply booked 2am flight) we quickly exited the huge ... read more
Big city bright lights
A junk boat sailing through Kowloon peninsular
Hong Kong's busy metro station

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 2nd 2015

My flight out of Tashkent made a long stop in Almaty, Kazakhstan. About nine hours later my next flight departed towards Hong Kong. My left knee was still hurting until my second day in Hong Kong, then I was able to walk normally again. Hong Kong was given back to China by the UK in 1997 and enjoys a separate status from mainland China with a high degree of autonomy. Hong Kong is small, just 1104 sq. km (2.5 the size of Curaçao) but has more than 7 million people. It’s a very modern city and an important financial and trading hub in Asia. I came to Hong Kong again as a stop-over to my next destination. In November 2007 I spent one whole day in Hong Kong on my way towards Australia, but this time ... read more
Almaty to Hong Kong
Dinner with Ivan (middle) and his friend
Temple Street Market

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 4th 2015

Whilst being back home in the UK for three weeks I went for a wee break to Bonnie Edinburgh. Highlights include eating Battered Mars Bars, Afternoon Tea, The Castle and having Braveheart take us on a guided tour around Edinburgh. I stopped the night in Manchester at the Hill-Billy’s and in the morning after miss-judging the amount of time needed to catch public transport to Manchester airport, I made my check in with 15 minutes to spare. Ten more mins longer and in bed and I would have been writing this from Willenhall. I went through security, spent about 10 mins choosing a book and it was time to board the aircraft- 12 straight hours to Hong Kong. A semi full flight had meant that I had two seats to myself to put my feet up ... read more
Temple Street Market

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon March 26th 2015

Arrived at Hong Kong airport just before dusk so by the time we were on the coach being transferred to the hotel it was dark. Traffic was awful just like the coach driver, so we were glad to arrive at the hotel in one piece. The Grand Harbour Bay in Kowloon is definitely 5 star plus, large marble staircases and so many staff they keep tripping over each other. And another upgrade, this time to an executive Harbour view room on the top but one floor. Two whole walls are glass looking out over the harbour. Tremendous. This morning was an early start for the Hong Kong tour. We visited Aberdeen, the original hong kong village and took a ride in a sampan. The ride in the harbour amplified the vast divide between rich and poor ... read more
view over Hong Kong Island towards the Kowloon peninsular from 'The Peak'

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