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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon August 1st 2017

Today we decided to venture out on the MTR and just go to the shopping malls where we could be in air con. It is very easy to operate the self serve ticket machines and it cost us the equivalent of 50c AUD each for a single trip, we only had to go three stations to Mong Kok, the shopping district. On the way back we decided to walk, and we finally saw a jewelers where I was finally able to get a charm for my bracelet. We also stopped for a while in the little park near the temple dedicated to the fishermen. We ended up catching the train again at Jordan just the stop before ours trying to find again the mall where we had a great lunch the other day, but there are ... read more
The old men playing chinese chess
The Temple in the Park
Relaxing in the cool

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 28th 2017

Up and about early, we had breakfast at "Number One Coffee". Clem ordered a "Chai Latte" for me but the girl heard "Soy latte" - needless to say I couldn't drink it as I don't like the taste of coffee, Breakfast was very good though and she replaced it with a cup of tea, and wouldn't accept any payment for it. We went on the "Big Bus Tour", we paid for the deluxe package which was two days plus a night tour ( the night tour is not hop on, hop off like the day. There were three lines, Blue around Kowloon, Green and Red around Hong Kong Island. By buying the deluxe package we got express check in on the "Peak Tram", which was great as the queques for this were so long, free "Star ... read more
Looking back on the Star Ferry at someof the buildings onKowloon
Coming into the Ferry terminal at Central on Hong Kong Island
Another landscape of buildings at Central

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 26th 2017

The day has finally arrived. This trip was totally unexpected, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time, unbelievable for a change. To coincide with Virgin Australia starting to fly direct to Hong Kong from Melbourne, they offered a truly amazing price for an around the world flight ( business class) with Virgin Australia, starting from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne and flying to Hong Kong, then London with Virgin Atlantic, then Los Angeles with Virgin Atlantic, then home with Virgin Australia. The special was only to be listed for 48 hours, however was withdrawn after 24 as Virgin Atlantic hadn't allocated enough seats on its legs. We were there as soon as the Travel Agent opened and thanks to the efforts of our travel agent Natasha and her persistence we managed ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 31st 2017

Hong Kong. The final frontier and the final exotic city I was to visit on what will turn out to be a sixteen month odyssey by the time I get back to Denver. What a city it is! A modern metropolis that still retains its old Asian charm from yesteryear. After arriving into the international airport I managed to hop onto the city bus to the Kowloon district of the city that overlooks the famous central Hong Kong skyline. I was happy to be here and the setting and city had a few surprises up its sleeves that would be a fantastic ending to what has been the journey of my lifetime. Riding the bus into the city I was able to secure a hotel room in a seedy mall of sorts for a bargain price ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 14th 2017

Ever since we started sharing an apartment together Destry and I had been talking about taking a trip to Hong Kong Disney so on May 12th after we finished work off we went. We had a hotel booked and went straight there. We had decided to only spend one day at Disney and as there was a bus back to the Chinese border straight from Disney we chose the Sunday as Disney Day. As we were having a fun filled weekend we spend the Saturday at Ocean Park, in Hong Kong which celebrated its 40th birthday this year and was also Hong Kong's first theme park. The park is split in to two sections, the Waterfront and the Summit. There is a 1.8km cable car and 1.3km funicular railway joining the two parts of the park. ... read more
Run away train
Hong Kong Castle
It rained

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon April 18th 2017

After enduring/enjoying the coldest weather yet, we have finally found cherry blossoms: on Sado Island, almost the last stop on our journey. We first visited Nyuto Onsen, staying at Tsurunoya Onsen, a tiny, old collection of rustic buildings that reminded me of Camp Nakanawa, the place used for the Tennessee Scenic River Association’s Whitewater Rendezvous. One big difference was that the place has sulfur water hot springs and baths for everyone. Tom and I enjoyed a “private” bath, which has a tub plenty big enough for two people, but we could have used the outdoor baths, either for women and men separately or for both together. We decided that we’d visit the mixed-sex bath only after dark, but by the time it got dark, it was so cold that we weren’t going anywhere outdoors! We escaped ... read more
Tom in Search of Cherry Blossoms
Watch your head!
Checking Early Morning Emails

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon April 4th 2017

I had to work Saturday but doing that got me Monday and Tuesday off work. Laurent and I had a hotel in Hong Kong booked for the weekend and were leaving Saturday evening. Saturday day was another sad one, last Saturday Val left and this Saturday Fiona and Laura left, the Irish left me too. They were going back to Ireland. Destry and I met them for lunch to say good bye. After work on Saturday I met Laurent and we went to Hong Kong, we didn't arrive until late so after getting some food we went straight to bed. We had already planned the things we wanted to do while in Hong Kong so on Sunday we got the tube to Tung Chung where there is usually a cable car ride to Ngong Ping but ... read more
Hong Kong Streets
On our walk

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon February 1st 2017

Chinese New Year in Hong Kong – January 2017 The Year of the Rooster and I arrived in Hong Kong at the same time – naturally I’m assuming the fabulous firework show, taking place over the harbor, is in honor of my arrival – oh vanity, where is thy sting? LOL……but hey, it could happen, right? Another 20+ hour travel itinerary had me leaving Las Vegas in the middle of the night on a red-eye flight to Minneapolis, where I connected with my second flight on to Seattle. Just 30 minutes here to make my Delta flight on to Hong Kong (god, the things I do to accumulate frequent flyer miles – must stark raving mad!). It’s a long 14-hour flight nonstop to Asia, but having flown this route so many times, I swear I could ... read more
goldfish market in Mong Kok
HKG at night
Hong Kong firewalks for New Year

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 25th 2016

And we're back!!! Whatever it is they say, HK still has that special spot in me. I don't care about the mad rush of the season, the traffic and the swarm of people. I mind going back to those places I've been to in the past, nor buy the same merch I did some 4 years ago. And I will never stop coming back....The only difference this time is that its Christmas. And this is the first time that we will be out of our turf this time of the year. It was a very good experience spending Christmas abroad. I really don't long as I'm with family. Next year....will try Seoul or Tokyo perhaps :).... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 10th 2016

Two weeks until Christmas Eve! Val and I had plans to spend the weekend in Hong Kong. The company we work for was throwing a Christmas Party on Friday the 23rd and we needed a dress. Our plan was to go to Disney on the Saturday as the Christmas decorations were up and I'd never seen Disney at Christmas. Then spend Sunday dress shopping. So the Saturday comes around and we leave later than we planned but that's ok. We get to Disney around lunch time so we still have a while. We look through the shops, secretly buying each other Christmas presents. We go on a few rides, one we didn't have time to do on my birthday weekend so now we had completed all of the rides.I met Pooh Bear and Eyeore. Pooh Bear ... read more
Oh Christmas Tree
Part of our couples shoot
Disney's main tree

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