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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon March 31st 2004

Well it’s finally arrived – the day we have waited for and saved for so long is now here. Woke about half an hour before the alarm was due to go off - 6.15am – but with still so many little jobs to do I’m glad I did. Mum & Dad arrived right on time, 8am and we were ready to go. Tony’s day started with him slamming his middle finger in the car boot – OUCH – as he loaded up the backpacks. By 8.05 am we were on our way down the world’s most boring & frustrating road, North East. Peak hour traffic didn’t help our cause, but we still managed to get to Adelaide Airport with plenty of time to spare. Checking in was easy – my backpack weighs 12.9 kilos, Tony’s about ... read more
Kowloon Harbour
Tram ride up a steep hillside
The world's only floating Chinese Restaurant

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 6th 2003

Hong Kong---- globalism, fashion, tourism, shopping, beaches, Cantonese... YES!! I'M IN LOVE!... read more
View from the Harbor
The Harbor Again
Aw, Mom and Dad...

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon March 13th 2003

What seemed like such a good idea in the flight centre!! did not so on the flight going there. First thing that went through my mind as i stepped off the plane at HongKong airport: 'what the hell am i doing?' 'and why?' 'what is the point in going 8000 miles east to a country where you know noone, and have no specific reason for being there other than to see things?' Overwhelmed by the crowds, the strong odor of fried noodles and chicken and the unreadable text..... I dont know what it is with me, i get an idea to travel that makes me all excited and i llok forward to it for weeks but when i board the plane the point of no return i get nervous, sad and i wonder why i booked ... read more
Victoria Harbour

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 3rd 2002

Waking up on my hard bed I could feel vibrations going through my body, as well as a muffled but repeated sound - ... ... ... Each thump threw ripples on the surface of the glass of water standing by the bed, much like that effect from Jurassic Park where puddles of water would vibrate from the approaching T-Rex. A polite note from the hotel staff announced that construction work continues in a nearby block, and the whole building keeps shaking from the pounds of the piledrivers next door. Oh well, since I am on the 25th floor I would be reasonably high up in the pile of debris should the building collapse. Better take a rain check on that 2nd floor restaurant. Ivy had taken the day off and decided to begin my introduction to ... read more
We are all beginners...
Departing North Point by ferry
Harbour Patrol

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon August 24th 1990

24 August 1990 - Friday As the world races to war in the Middle East, I open this journal from Hong Kong. I am going to try and back fill the six or so days since I have been here in Hong Kong with the following pages. Today was to be very light as I am recovering from a very severe cold which has tried to keep me down for the past four days. I had planned on going to the top of Victoria Peak on the tram and returning, but instead I got to the top and decided to walk down, where I ended up at Hong Kong University, eventually catching a bus to Aberdeen. "The Peak", as it is known, is a little bit disappointing. To be fair, that was probably due to the ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 17th 1986

Hong Kong roars along as one of the four Asian tigers, dear reader; along with Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. The territory is an Asian powerhouse in the region, and excels by operating as a financial centre with a deregulated economy committed to low taxes and a philosophy of small government. The services economy accounts for 90% of GDP in the territory, with Kowloon peninsula attached to the Chinese mainland and sharing a border with Guangdong province. Hong Kong is also one of the most densely populated places on earth, with a population of six million people packed into a small group of islands. Leading on from the previous journal, my travel companions and I continued our journey south from Canton and noticed significant changes as we headed towards Hong Kong. The level of wealth, infrastructure ... read more
Path to the Big Buddha
Victoria Harbour
Tai O fishing village

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 20th 1964

1964 Diary Entry "The next day Mr Sung once again picked us up. This time he was taking us out to the New Territories. This trip was to take five hours. First of all we went to the Dragon Inn which looks right out over the bay. I took a picture of this wonderful sight. Then we got in the car and drove on. For 1/4 of an hour we drove through nothing but rice fields and soon after that we stopped at another restaurant where we all had something to drink. After drinking we drove on. Again we drove through ricefeilds (sic). After about 1/4 of an hour we stopped at the walled city. As you can guess this means that it's a city with a wall around it. People still live inside this city ... read more
New Territories with “Red-China” in the background
New Territories with “Red-China” in the background
Ancient Chinese tomb at Li Cheng Uk

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon May 17th 1964

1964 Diary Entry "The next morning we got up at about half past six. We then got dressed and went down to breakfast. After breakfast we collected our baggage and were driven to the airport by Auntie Marge and Uncle Eric. Uncle Eric then showed me around the airport. We went up on the roof and found a telescope that needed ten cents to start it. This is a bit silly because the (sic) don't have ten cents in Australia. We then went down into the airport building again. That was where Auntie Marge and Uncle Eric left us. Now was the time to go into the customs building. We went in and found that we had to wait in a kew (sic). When we got to the front Dad gave the man there a form. ... read more

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