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March 30th 2005
Published: March 30th 2005
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I love Hong Kong! Sure the streets are crowded enough to make one clausterphobic when crossing an intersection and there are strange smells wafting up from the streets but its great. The food here is fantastic and the Chinese sure do love to eat. From morning to late late evening there are always plenty of restaurants and stalls open to cater to any taste. The HK seem to be especially fond of tripe and tendon noodle soup (mm... tasty).
Mom has gotten ahold of old friends in Hong Kong and they've taken us touring around and also taken us out for food. Yesterday, we went to the New Territories - an area roughly northwest of Kowloon. This area is supposed to be farm land (it was back in my mom's day) but now,people live in apartments. The only difference between there and the city is that the apartments in HK are maybe 20 stories high and these are about 3 and perhaps a bit more spaced apart. We checked out some historical monuments including an old martial arts school and a museum which was in a restored house. I seem to learn something new each day about the Chinese culture -
Ladies MarketLadies MarketLadies Market

traditional dress for tourists
things I seem to take for granted. I learned just yesterday, that back in the day, rice was expensive for a lot of people so only the men would eat it. Women, were reduced to eating yam (sweet potato) which they grew in the fields. The shopping is wonderful here too - I know now, why so many people pack an extra suitcase and go home with their arms full. We found this secret outlet which sold designer outfits for dirt cheap (I picked up two business suits for $50 cdn).
We're off to Bangkok this afternoon for a quick 3 day trip there (I'm sure my bags will be full when I get back from this)

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HK apartment buildingsHK apartment buildings
HK apartment buildings

all part of the rat race...
Bauhinia FlowerBauhinia Flower
Bauhinia Flower

This is supposed to represent the return of Hong Kong to China

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