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June 18th 2010
Published: June 18th 2010
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This is the 3rd day of my internship. The first day was slow, and I was unclear of what kind of work I would be doing. On my 2nd day (Tuesday), I was given a project to prepare a powerpoint for the marketing director at the company. That was enjoyable and kept me busy. It required me to find pictures on the internet of different company's brand image. Today, I was given another project to do a similar thing. I put together another powerpoint of different images/logos country's tourism sites have. That was interesting as well. Today was also enjoyable because we had an office lunch where I ate authentic Chinese food with my co-worker. I was able to get to know them better which I was definitely looking forward to.

Now, I am off for the weekend. Tomorrow, I will be going to a tea sitting and learning about the culture of Hong Kong. I will also be going to a Dim Sum lunch with others in my program. After that, we are to a place called Avenue of the Stars.


18th June 2010

tea sitting
Be sure to tell us about your Dim Sum lunch and tea sitting. Sounds so interesting. Love, Grandma
19th June 2010

Umber, Sounds like you are having fun! How is the climate? Any trips outside of Hong Kong planned?
20th June 2010

The climate here is so different. Its been between 80 and 85 degrees but the humidity is so high!! You can't be outside for more than a minutes without sweating terribly!!! We are trying to arrange a trip to either the mainland (Beijing or Shanghai) or the Philippines or Thailand. We already have a trip to Macau planned in a couple weekends! That should be a lot of fun. Macau is considered the bigger and greater than Vegas!

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