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October 11th 2008
Published: October 12th 2008
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well after a packed month we are on our way again, during September we were not quiet by any means, after returning from the wedding Jonathan headed off to Ireland to spend some quality time with his friends (hmmm) and his family. During tihs time I worked on my paper (with a brief respite to go to the food and drinks fair on the Harlemeerstraat with Karoliina and Darryl (which turned out to be more drink than food - a good day was had by all). We also had a little jaunt down to Brussels to spend a weekend with our MDS friends - how many people can fit into one VW polo........ (thats definitely a story for the pub).

So here we are on our travels again - at the moment I am on the plane from London to Hong Kong - BA flight which means less leg room than KLM but better entertainment systems - the trade off between me and Jon (TV versus Legroom).

On a random note - for once living in Amsterdam did not work to our advantage when it came to booking our flight tickets ; it ended up being cheaper to buy the tickets from Dublin than Amsterdam ; also when I was back in Ireland I saw that Petrol was cheaper than Diesel and whilst I thought this was not a good thing (given my dads very large diesel car - I wondered why was it cheaper in the first place - yet another thing to ponder!)

The plan at the moment is to spend a couple of days in Hong Kong (Jonathan has let me know the itinerary - it involves lots of lovely food and boat trip - then more lovely food - I am seeing a recurring theme here - Seppy the elephant went to Hong Kong and came back the size of a circus.... off she went with a clompity clomp, clomp, clomp , clomp).

After Hong Kong we are going to fly to Perth where we will spend a few days before getting the train from Perth to Adelaide (via some vineyards I believe). With some time off for good behavior we shall then travel down to Melbourne by car and arrive around the end of October (27th ish) where providing we like it ..... which we have been assured by friends that we will ... we shall stay for a few months. Then off to NZ, Figi, Tahiti (maybe or one of the cook islands) and then off to South America. Quite the adventure but we are really excited about it, we will be updating the blog regularly and can pick up comments and messages through it or the seppyandjon@gmail.com account so please do keep in contact).

Seppy and Jon


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