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November 2nd 2010
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Ocean Park!!
Two entries in a week....lucky you! 😉

Halloween is a holiday that I never really thought I would miss...but this past Sunday I found myself feeling very homesick. I wanted to be there to see kids trick or treating. I wanted to dress up in a silly costume. I wanted to watch a scary movie with Adam. Getting into this holiday season just makes me more and more glad that I decided to come home for Christmas. If I felt this way about Halloween, I can't even imagine how I would have felt being here at Christmas...Adam or no Adam 😊.

In an effort to entertain myself on Halloween, I went with a couple of friends to Hong Kong's amusement park- Ocean Park. It was definitely a fun day- we rode roller coasters, ate park food, saw some pandas. For some reason, it still made me want to go to Fright Fest at 6 Flags. Ocean Park just did not quite fill the void. The pictures from this day are pretty fun, though.

The rest of this week has started off very well. Marcia is out of town, so there is a substitute there- she is a very cool woman, who specializes in Taiko drumming. It is also kind of fun feeling like THE music teacher. My classes have gone well, and I feel like I am really starting to figure out how to do this job. I might not be quite ready to change careers or go back to school. So keep your eyes and ears out for teaching jobs in the Northwest Indiana area!

This week is a really busy/fun week. Tomorrow I am going to take a voice lesson. I am excited to try this here. I am not really sure what to expect, but I know it will be nice to be singing again. We are also starting Christmas music at Community Choir on Thursday (woo!) and on Friday I am singing a Lady Gaga song with the Lower Primary Faculty Band at a school-wide get together. Saturday I am going on a junk (boat) trip with the school- so hopefully our beautiful weather will hold. We are staying right around 71/72 during the day. That is pretty darn perfect weather. I am hoping it lasts awhile!!

I think that is really all I have to say. My kittens say hi- they

Beautiful day!
are still very cute and cuddly. 😊

Hope you are all doing well!! Happy November!

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the ride to the other side of the park...

a ride my dad could never do! :)

the park is built on the side of a mountain....over the water. It adds another element of danger to the roller coasters :)

this is a snack stand....you won't see this at six flags!

a genius invention.

friends! notice the roller coaster in the background

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