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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen March 31st 2018

A journey of about 1,200 miles plus any bends, at a cost of £100 a head. We left the hotel in Xi ‘an at 08.00, the train left Xi ‘an at 09.35 and reached Schenzen at 19.05. There were about 10 stops, each of about 5 – 10 minutes. The border crossing was a bit slow for novices, but we checked in at “T – Hotel” in Pok Fulam on Hong Kong Island at 10.00 pm and enjoyed a late night sandwich and celebratory drink. A grand total of 6,000 miles across China, 9,600 km. The train was busy on each stage of its route, and there was a wild cacophony throughout; everybody had an electronic device – a young, well-dressed couple close to us went almost the entire 9.5 hr journey watching a series of ... read more
Chines rail ticket
Chines railway lunch
View from train, Xi 'an to HK

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen July 29th 2017

Day 2 of our Big Bus Pass, once again we crossed the Harbour in the Star Ferry. We had decided today we would do our Sampan Ride, at Aberdeen. It wasn't the traditional Sampan we had seen in the movies but one connected to Big Bus ride. we got off at Aberdeen, the yachts all anchored here were worth at least a few million dollars each, so we puttered around them and then the house/fishing boats. I fully understand why the government is trying to get all the fisherman off the boats and onto land accommodation, they were just not really habitable, let alone safe. We were glad we had decided to do the peak yesterday as today it was very misty/smoggy. It was exceeding hot and humid today and there were so many people out ... read more
Another Sampan from Big Bus Tour
Another view of the floating Restaurant
Some of the yachts moored at Aberdeen

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen July 18th 2013

Hong Kong has almost become a second home to us, we know the city so well and visit so often, on our last visit, Neil had the idea of doing something different to what we normally do! Being the big kids we are, we decided to pay Ocean Park a visit. Not just an ordinary theme park, it opened in 1977 and has since grown to 35 attractions and rides – there is the amusement park part of Ocean Park as well as an oceanarium, marine mammal park and animal attractions, along with observatories, laboratories, education department and a whales and dolphins fund. Apparently, the park has won several awards, including the world’s 7th most popular amusement park and Forbes’ 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world! Getting There We really couldn’t have chosen a ... read more
'Old Hong Kong'
Repulse bay and harbour
'Old Hong Kong'

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen June 4th 2012

Day 4: Today we went to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Kowloon Park (two of them actually, will explain later) and the Avenue of Stars. It was a big day!! Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is technically not a monastery b/c monks do not live on the premises, but it has no joke over 10,000 statues of Buddhas. 500 are life sized and the rest are little figurines. Each statue has a different pose and expression. Some wear accessories, some hold props, one with a really long right arm, one with very long legs and one with arms coming out of it's eyes! We also recognized the Buddhas that Logan photographed for the All-Yen Collaborative! We walked up 400 steps to the main temple and the closer we got the smell of incense filled the air. The ... read more
400 steps up!
Bird Lake
Light Show

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen May 30th 2012

Hi everyone! I apologize I'm not getting these posted quick enough, but the photo upload on this thing takes forever!! I finally gave up on it and decided to upload only a few photos on the blog and then the rest on a Flicker album. The album links are at the end of each day. Also, since I'm new at blogging I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts on our daily adventures. I've been trying to be as detailed as possible, but we're doing so much, so I feel it starts to get monotonous. Therefore, I'm going to keep things as simple as possible in the blog and add more descriptions to the photos. I guess just bare with me until I get the hang of it :o) Day 2: Since our first day was ... read more
Aberdeen Court
Logan's work
Table grilling

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen May 25th 2012

I know, I know...that phrase is way over done...but I couldn't help myself :o) This blog is broken up into two parts. Part 1 is the night we arrived and part 2 is our first full day in Hong Kong. Part 1: 20 hours later, we made it!!! Phew...that's a long plane ride! Luckily, when we landed the whole process of getting off the plane, going through immigration and getting our bags took only about 20 minutes. I'm very impressed w/ Hong Kong's airport, it's clean and easy to navigate around b/c all the signs are in Chinese and English. We decided to take a taxi to go straight to the boat we're staying on in Aberdeen Harbour. If you've ever been in a cab in NYC you know how crazy the cab drivers are...well I'm ... read more
Inside Boat Moshka 1
Inside Boat Moshka 2
Inside Boat Moshka 3

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen November 5th 2011

"Hand out the window floating on air, just a flick of the wrist and I'm waving a Good-Bye" - Dashboard Confessional; "So Long, So Long". Hi Everyone. Firstly thanks for choosing to subscribe to my blog. Although a month away to me seems not enough, hopefully my travels will bring you amusement and inspiration. I had a taste of what was to come when I checked in at the counter and was told that my confirmed seat was in a section that was "closed". I didn't know they could "close" sections on planes. I told the guy that I specifically chose that seat because of the extra leg room and that he had to provided me with an equivalent seat. "Okay!" he promised. I boarded the plane only to find out that he put me next ... read more
Photo 3
Evil, Stinky Kaleb!
Evil, Stinky Brighton!

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen May 15th 2011

Amazing brunch at Top Deck, Jumbo Kingdom, $398 pp for all you can eat seafood buffet and endless bubbles! We met up with Lance, Kizumi, Missouri, Caitlin, Adrianne, Charlie, Amy, Adam, Anita & Dave for a loooongg arvo - 11am-4pm. Highlight was the Peking duck wraps, but there was endless brunch, including but not limited to Eggs benedict, omelette, thai curry, lamb chops, sushi & sashimi, Alaskan King Crab, prawns .....and.... the most amazing dessert cart........little creme brulee's, cheesecake, tirimisu, crepes, icecream - just awesome..... and well worth the money. read more
Entrance to Jumbo Kingdom
View into the Harbour from Jumbo Kingdom
Peking Duck wrap

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Aberdeen March 19th 2011

March 16th Another early start as we were to arrive in Shanghai at 9.00am. This wasn’t quite achieved as the port was extremely busy and it took longer to get to the dock than had been anticipated so the usual queues formed and the “signing in” for the tours began. Fortunately the sun was out and the biting wind had calmed down a little. There was another lengthy hold up as, once again, Chinese officialdom kicked in and it took them an age to clear the ship and its passengers and once again we had to be sure not to carry anything that might be offensive or harmful to the Chinese Peoples Republic. The arms and drugs are understandable … but an orange? Nearly as neurotic as the Americans!! Anyway, leaving the ship about 45 mins ... read more
Sharks in shop window
chaps crossing the street
Sky Tower Shanghai

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