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Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau August 11th 2017

les vacances commencent avec cette journée à la plage :)... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau February 19th 2017

Today, we’ll fly to Vietnam after a wonderful few days in Hong Kong. The weather here is usually foggy and cool this time of year, but they’re apparently having the same kind of winter as east Tennessee. We’ve had three days of blue sky, blue water, and temps in the 70s and 80s, and spent two days exploring two of the 263 (I did not count) outer islands: Lamma Island and Cheung Chau Island. You can’t do anything in Hong Kong without crossing water, and dozens of boats and ships are moving through Victoria Harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong at any time. We took one ferry to get to the central piers, changing to other ferries to the outer islands. Lamma was highly recommended as a place to hike and eat seafood, so we planned ... read more
Cheung Chau Harbor
Goddess of Mercy
Pig Cooperative

Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau October 3rd 2013

Hi everyone, This is our third and final day in Hong Kong and it has been somewhat of a food extravaganza. Luckily we had to walk a lot to get it and burned up a few calories. More of that later. The weather has been warm and sticky but not as intense as back in Brisbane so despite walking around for many hours we didn’t get sunburned. I had a bit of a heart stopping moment yesterday at the railway station. We were changing trains to go to Causeway Bay and the usual Asian crush to get on the train happened. Peter managed to get into the train while the doors shut on my arms while I was trying to get in. They have very strong train doors and I was duly ejected. So there’s me ... read more
Green tea concotion
Michelin star restaurant
Menu options

Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau May 16th 2013

Cheung Chau Bun Festival is one of the most famous traditional festival in Hong Kong.But as a hongkongese, it was my first time to experience this special day. We had camping on the beach one day before Bun,it was just for escape the peak time of going there with the crowd.Of course,you can go to Cheung Chau in 17th May,but you have to queue with thousands of people in order to take the ferry.So it is better to get in before 10am of 17th or one night before it.... read more
Safety in ferry
camp on the beach
Making of Lucky bun

Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau April 24th 2011

Hello All, Three days in Hong Kong have gone in a somewhat jet-lagged flash (C: for Steve, anyway - I never seem to be bothered by it) but we've had a great time. We're writing this from the Qantas lounge as we wait to depart for Perth. The flight over was uneventful and Steve insisted on using the new (well it was new last time we were here) Airport express to get into town from the brilliant airport at Chep Lap Kok. Having flogged our way to the hotel it was 5 pm - the day after we left - but we decided to freshen up, dig deep, and head out to to a night market over on the Kowloon side. Of course we started shopping early but it as good to get out and about ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau February 7th 2011

Happy Lunar New Year readers! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday... wherever you are. Well, holiday season just ended here in Hong Kong, and boy am I glad that I have a 2 week-break before work starts again! Just the perfect opportunity to do something that I've never-EVER done ever since my settlement here in Hong Kong about 3 years ago. Now for a little intro... *ahem* Now we all know that Hong Kong is famously known as the city with that majestic skyline overlooking the Victoria Harbour. As biased as I may sound, I agree; Hong Kong has the best skyline in the world, as also said by many people. But, the majestic skyline's popularity is so high, some places in Hong Kong are often overlooked by tourists. Hong Kong might only be ... read more
Upon arrival on Cheung Chau
Busy morning

Asia » Hong Kong » Cheung Chau May 18th 2010

After a fairly gruelling day yesterday, I thought a slightly slower pace was called for today, so took John off to the Outlying Ferries Terminus for a ferry to Cheung Chau Island. For the princely sum of £2.30 pp return we had an hour’s quiet ferry ride sailing out of Hong Kong Harbour, past the docks and bridges linking some of the closer islands to the mainland, including Lantau Island where the airport is now situated, eventually leaving the skyscrapers behind. When I say it was quiet, it would have been had it not been for the schoolchildren, many of whom were on their first outing on water judging from the theatrical way they were clinging to each other when we first set off on the calmest sea you could wish for. Unfortunately, they got used ... read more
Fishing Boat off Cheung Chau
Taking a Quick Smoke Break

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