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October 3rd 2013
Published: October 3rd 2013
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View from our windowView from our windowView from our window

Not sure I could live in one of these apartment blocks
Hi everyone,

This is our third and final day in Hong Kong and it has been somewhat of a food extravaganza. Luckily we had to walk a lot to get it and burned up a few calories. More of that later.

The weather has been warm and sticky but not as intense as back in Brisbane so despite walking around for many hours we didn’t get sunburned.

I had a bit of a heart stopping moment yesterday at the railway station. We were changing trains to go to Causeway Bay and the usual Asian crush to get on the train happened. Peter managed to get into the train while the doors shut on my arms while I was trying to get in. They have very strong train doors and I was duly ejected. So there’s me on the platform watching as Peter was whisked away to some unknown destination. He did manage to signal that he was going two stops. So about 5 minutes later the next train came and we found each other. Apparently I made lots of horrified faces…well I was a bit horrified because I had no money!! Anyway disaster was averted.

We found
Green tea concotionGreen tea concotionGreen tea concotion

Strange drink option sold by McDonalds
ourselves part of the 860,000 people crowd yesterday afternoon. Boy was that something! Wall to wall people. The traffic was at a complete standstill around Causeway Bay. We left pretty quickly because it was pretty unpleasant being jostled or having to jostle other people to walk along the street.

Our highlight yesterday was to go to Tim Ho Wan, a one Michelin star yum cha restaurant. We figure it’s the only one we’ll ever get to so we really lived it up for the princely sum of about $18 (for 2). We had 7 dishes beginning with the most exquisite baked buns with BBQ pork inside. Like Chinese steam buns but baked and very delicate and sweet. To die for. The steamed dumplings were also beautiful. This meal didn’t last long (about 25 minutes) because they kick you out as soon as you’ve finished. No lingering over dinner, no drinking wine, just eat and get out. Ah but it was worth it.

At dinner last night we had another great experience. On out first day we wandered to the market across the road scouting for likely places for lunch and there was a large restaurant above the food
Michelin star restaurantMichelin star restaurantMichelin star restaurant

Can you see that red Michelin star?
market which was closed. We strolled back on Tuesday about 3pm looking for lunch and although they seemed to be closed we had a lovely meal. They cooked a mean pork and cashews….yummy!!

So we went back last night when the place was actually open and they hailed us like long lost friends. We had about 250 dining companions, none of whom were round eyes so it was quite an experience. I guess they don’t often have foreigners looking for food at a closed restaurant in the middle of the afternoon so they remembered us. It was lovely to be so nicely treated.

The Maccas over here are a bit different to ours. First of all if you buy a happy meal with coffee you get a free tube of toothpaste. This is probably more helpful than a toy. Second, they have all sorts of strange drinks at the McCafe. Being adventurous I had a soy green tea. It looked like a lime milkshake with powdered green tea. Hideous!!!

My major reflection on the last few days is that Hong Kong is unsurprisingly not the same cheap clothes and electrical goods place that myself and Peter remember.
Menu optionsMenu optionsMenu options

We stayed with the cashews and pork despite some of the more usual dishes on offer!!
That’s not necessarily a bad thing though because we didn’t buy anything. They seem to really focus on tourists from mainland China which is a smart move because there’s a lot of money over there. There are more skyscraper jammed into very small areas as you can see from the photo from our room.

We fly out tonight at 11:00 on a British Airways flight. I’m hoping that they are better than QANTAS. Another 6 hour delay would be a bit disheartening.

Talk to you again from the flip side.

Love pj and sandy xx

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Kitchen viewKitchen view
Kitchen view

Food was awesome despite how the kitchen looked.
The hand?The hand?
The hand?

Strange disembodied hand sticking out of the wall. No clues as to why.

3rd October 2013

Hi guys
Fantastic blog keep it up
3rd October 2013
View from our window

The food sounds great
Sorry I missed phone call I was asleep have the flue . it was great that you called have a great birthday I will be thinking of you. have a great time with your UK family love to both mam xxxx
5th October 2013

so enjoying your blog!
So great to see your latest adventures! Never been to HK, so good to hear about your food experiences, love the Maccas toothpaste option - Mitch would definitely go for that! Keep the photos and stories coming! Kids are off at church camp, and im catching up on sewing curtains, tax and those final boxes ... And happily catching some long lost friends ... Seeing as my 5 favourite ones are all O/S right now! Have a great time and stay warm, luv fi

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