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Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 21st 2014

Die ver... Party direkt unter meinem Zimmer war irgendwann zu Ende, ich konnte einschlafen, begleitet vom Geräusch von Regentropfen auf dem Blechdach vor meinem Zimmer. Gleiches Geräusch beim Aufwachen. Heute hatte ich Zeit, denn ich wollte zuerst zu Stalin, aber der ist erst am 10.00 zu sprechen. Und beim Packen vom MR wurde mir mit fester Stimme mitgeteilt, dass es Frühstück ab 9.00 gibt. Na gut, dann eben alles etwas langsamer. Das Frühstück war sozialistisch, alles war exakt zugeteilt: 2 Wienerle, 2 harte Eier, ein Stück Margarine, eine Scheibe Käse in Folie, altbackenes Brot und Marmelade. Aber wenn man da zuschlug, dann wurde man schon satt, es kann ja nicht jedesmal toll sein. Der Vorteil bei der ganzen Sache war, dass es nur noch tropfte, als ich zu Stalin fuhr, und hinterher ganz regenfrei war. Nach ... read more
Stalins Geburtshaus

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 3rd 2014

3rd May Leaving the Black Sea coast we're heading inland and stopped at the amazing Prometheus Caves, only discovered in 1984. Requiring a guide, we were ushered down the stairs and into the mouth of the cave. Over 1400m long and with 17 chambers, the cave was impressive from the start with huge stalagmites and stalactites, some still growing. I saw our guide for a few minutes in the first chamber but he set such a speed that I didn't bother trying to keep up, preferring to take photos and actually look at the surroundings. A few others trailed along at various speeds also and I thoroughly the peace and quiet that came with being on my own. Our arrival into Kutaisi today didn't go unnoticed, especially on the side streets we had to take to ... read more
Stalactites and stalagmites still growing after all this time
Prometheus Cave

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Borjomi April 26th 2014

This can't be little Hussein, his uncle cried As he drops to his nephew's side, holding his cane Just give me a name, of who has inflicted this bitter sickness, and left us to witness. -Wu Tang Clan, A better Tomorrow Our crash pad in Antalya was a real score. Someone that Maggie met briefly at a party in Madison just happened to have a spare apartment for a week and we had the entirety of a three bedroom flat to ourselves. Antalya is a name we have seen spelled out in Cyrillic outside of nearly every travel agency in Russia and other former Soviet states. It is a very popular destination for Russian travelers and we could hear the familiar tongue flowing from every cafe we passed as we navigated our way down to the ... read more
Mt. Ararat with donkey
Mt. Ararat in clouds
Now why aren't you kids in school?

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Svaneti October 13th 2013

This is a 9-month late story but a story anyway. In October 2013 my girlfriend, who we'll call M, and I, flew out from Katowice to Kutaisi, Georgia for 2 weeks, finally giving me a chance to explore somewhere which isn't in or being considered for accession to the European Union. The flight arrived at some strange hour in the morning and it was one of about 5 flights per week to serve the airport, but that didn't stop the airport being chock full of taxi and minibus drivers ready to shout city names at you as soon as you got through passport control. "Kutaisi city centre, 10 euros for two people!", offered one taxi driver. We knew that sounded a bit expensive, so we tried to negotiate. "Okay, okay! So I will take you for ... read more
A typical Svanetian house in Mestia
Setting off towards Zhabeshi, Day 1
Chvabiani, Zhabeshi and various other villages

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Vardzia November 6th 2012

Resumo: tirando milhões de fotos; viajando nas idéias; estou bem! Sabe aqueles lugares que você não pára de dizer "Uaw!"? Que você não para de tirar fotos? Pois é, este lugar foi Vardzia, ao sul da Geórgia. Visitei este lugar não esperando muita coisa... Bom, este é o segredo para deixar muita coisa melhor: não esperar muito. Mas escrevo este post não para falar do lugar em si (não que não mereça), mas sim para descrever aqui alguns questionamentos que tive ao visitar este complexo de cavernas. Será que eu também não vivo através das sombras projetadas? Aqui muitos poderiam pensar que eu sou o prisioneiro que consegue se libertar, escalar o muro e ver o Mundo, a Natureza. Mas ainda tenho dúvidas se tudo o que eu vejo, tudo que eu estou vivenciando não são ... read more
A place call Vardzia

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi August 2nd 2012

Melinda and Mirella - Two Italian beautiful, Inteligent, Pleasent ladies Came in Georgia as Tourists, left as a Friends. . .... read more
Melinda an Mirella in Safara
In Sataflia National Resort

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi May 26th 2012

Geo: 42.264, 42.7075I have left this as being in Kutaisi to make sense of the map, though I'm really in Tbilisi again. Back in Tbilisi for an evening and a day, chance to go to the traditional architecture museum and will fill an evening with the marionette theatre (subtitles in English) before heading off back up the military Highway and into Russia on Monday, assuming all goes to plan. My guide here has written out for me in Russian everything I need when I get to Vladikavkaz station, cancel one ticket I'm not using (Sochi to Rostov) and buy Vladikavkaz to Rostov and Rostov to Kiev. So here I am about halfway through the trip, in time if not yet degrees of the circle. Done a lot of travelling as a car passenger in the last ... read more
More snowy mountains
Protesting Protesting
Old house in the museum

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Svaneti May 8th 2012

Massimiliano Reginelli in Georgia... read more

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi April 20th 2012

The Katskhi Pillar abruptly rises 45 meters in Chiatura region. On the Katskhi Pillar in the 7th century was built a small church. Beautiful surrounding, views, itself Katskhi Pillar resemblance to the famous Greek monasteries of Meteora.... read more
Photo 84
Photo 72
Photo 3

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Svaneti April 16th 2012

"Dragoman" in Georgia 2001-2008... read more
Black sea
On the road to Mestia
On the road to Mestia

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