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Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia July 24th 2019

Tak este k vcerajsku. Po prichode na izbu mi ruska zijuca v dubai vravi, ze ma zhanala polka. Nakonec nebola s taxikarom ako som si myslel ale sedela len v pizzerii a podla dohody ma dosla vyzdvihnut o 2000 na izbu, no ja som ju uz opustil o 1945. Na izbu dosla okolo polnoci ale kedze bola trosku o vinenana nebola na mna nasrana. Nasrany som bol na seba len ja. No nist. Predtym dlhy pokec s fajn ruskou. Ta robi prekladacku mobilnych telefonov ale uz je unavena z dubaja a chce zmenit krajinu. Pakistanci a ina chamrad je v dubaii riadne nadrzana, preto vyuziva vacsinou vagony len pre zeny. Bola i v indii a tez hruza pre nu. Na letisku ju vraj chcel taxikar uniest. Je aj na cs. Tam ju obcas oslovia pari, ze ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Vardzia July 1st 2018

After driving back from Mt Aragats area to Yerevan, we spent an afternoon wandering around, including visiting the Noy brandy and wine factory (good tour and we could just walk in and had the guide to ourselves). From there we took a minibus (7000 AMD) to Didube bus station in Tblisi (this time the border crossing took 10 mins - it had taken 90 when we came through to Armenia), spent the afternoon wandering around there, including walking up to the Mother of Georgia monument with good views over the city. It has been very hot in Yerevan and Tblisi - hitting 39 degrees - nearly as hot as Doha. Despite being told it was a 4 hour journey from Tblisi to Akhaltsikhe we happily arrived after 2.5 hours, we were cramped in the back of ... read more
Peace bride Tblisi
Vardzia cave monastery and city
Frescoes in Assumption Church, Vardzia

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi September 14th 2016

Lovely people and country, we had a great time. We saw two different Georgias: 1 The Big City: Tblisi 2 The Causasus Mountains 1 Tblisi is a modern exciting city with: a) an Old Town district to explore b) a commercial and cultural centre around Rustaveli Avenue c) a brand new riverside park development with 'The Peace Bridge' as its centre point d) panoramas galore are served by the funicular to the Mtatsminda Park and the cable car to the Fortress and Botanical Garden e) a number of churches worth seeing with the new cathedral as a highlight 1 a) the Old Town has its own particular architectural style. Buildings are faced with timber balconies which are often very ornate. Many have been restored, some are falling down, and some new developments e.g. by the Sulphur ... read more
Funicular Tbilisi
Cascade, Tbilisi Botanical Gardens
Vanilla Skyplane landing at Mestia

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Svaneti September 11th 2016

So here we are in Mestia, in the mysterious Svaneti, high up among the snow topped mountains and strange stone Svan tower houses.its very beautiful and unexpectedly hot. Getting here was quite an excitement as we flew up in a mini sized plane, seating 12.passengers and 2 pilots, courtesy of Vanilla Sky airline. We first travelled from Central Tbilisi (outside Macdonalds-where else?) picked up with the rest of the passengers by a Mercedes Sprinter van, to a mini aerodrome 25 Kms from the city. There we hung about some time till the police helicopter had descended, checked us out and taken off again. Then we crammed into a twin propellered plane and off we flew , always low enough to see the land below, which changed from urban scape to wonderful green valleys surrounded by deep ... read more
Through the mountains
Rural Mestia
Piglets coming!

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Svaneti September 11th 2016

Mestia is an important hub for back packers, climbers and trekkers --also for skiers in the winter from December to April. It's a continental climate with big contrasts. Very hot summer days, but cool nights and very cold winters. The mountains of the Caucasus are all around us here and the centre of the town is full of marshrutkas(minibuses) which will take you to any further villages and starting points for walks and treks. Yet the rural life goes on with cows, pigs and horses in evidence everywhere and allotment type gardens with beans, tomatoes, cabbages, potatoes, sweet corn. We are staying in Marina's Guest house and as you come through the heavy wooden gate you enter a patch of deep purple-pink phlox, then beds of nasturtiums, herbs, fennel, tomatoes, cabbages and plum trees. Incidentally one ... read more
Close up Svaneti towers
My Svaneti picture
Cow stalls in Svaneti house

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Vardzia June 4th 2016

Day 135 Wednesday 1st June 2016 – Mestia to Gori It was another beautiful day and we are a little sad to leave as this is truly a beautiful corner of the world and the lady at the Guest House has really looked after us feeding us fresh yoghurt and full cream milk (I had forgotten what it tastes like after having low fat for years), hot Khachapuri (cheesy bread), millet, omelettes, hot bread and jams. She was upset the first morning when we did not eat it all and we had to explain there is only the two of us and although great it was enough for 5. This morning she packed up the left overs for our lunch and handled them to us as we left. Driving back down the mountain with ... read more
Mestia to Gori Road
Khertvisi Fortress

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia » Kutaisi September 14th 2015

Geo: 42.264, 42.70750600 hrs Monday: A flurry of activity as we get ready for an early start. Today we are heading to Kutasi in Western Georgia some 200 miles away. You will of course be aware that this City is built around the the Rioni River and I have no doubt your are keen to see how the refurbishment of the Bagrati Cathederal is getting on!Tbilisi has been a great 2 day stopover. The Group are now fragmenting into two or three camps. Barriers are coming down and to be frank, there are already frank conversations about who likes who etc......dangerous stuff! I don't think WW3 will break out but we are not so chummy as last week! "Old Boy" manages to stray onto a railway line yesterday afternoon just as a freight train makes an ... read more
View from our Kutaisi balcony!
Our Street!
The local supermarket

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia October 6th 2014

Jason and the Argonauts landed in Batumi (referred to as Colchis in antiquity) in search of the Golden Fleece. I did not travel by sea nor did I attain a Golden Fleece like Jason, but I did take a lot of pictures to share with you and I have some fresh ideas. Friday Archil told me that the next day we were going to Batumi for the weekend. Batumi is one of the most western cities in Georgia, hugging the Black Sea coast and positioned on the Turkish border. When Archil and I had spoken a few years ago Batumi was still looked at as a port city to the slavik nations and the Middle East, but I can tell you a lot is happening in Batumi that you might find interesting. Let me explain. Tbilisi ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia July 18th 2014

Abastumani, Georgia July 13th 2014 “Coincidence is God's way or remaining anonymous” Albert Einstein, The world as I see it. “Coincidences mean you're on the right path.” Simon Van Booy, Love Begins in Winter: Five Stories. Today has been full of surprise and intrigue. A late start after a Sunday morning lie-in (even though for me, Sunday is no different to any other day really). I go to the growers' market across the road to get in early for my supplies: local yoghurt, raspberries, mulberries, tomatoes, cheese, cucumber, parsley, coriander, onion and nectarines. I come back to my room and discover an email from my Spanish friend Juan (met in Turkey and again in Tbilisi) who tells me this: “You know what happened to me yesterday in Kazbegi … I went to the ph... read more
Anja and partner from Vaals
Sunday morning growers' market
Ex-Soviet army vehicles

Asia » Georgia » Western Georgia July 1st 2014

Turkey 29th June 2014 "I took the one less traveled by And that has made all the difference" Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken “You who are on the road, must have a code that you can live by” Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young I had decided to try hitch-hiking from Kars to Tblisi. It just seemed a nice way to travel, to meet some locals along the way, and avoid being cooped up in a bus (not to mention saving myself around 30 euros on fares). It's early still on a Sunday morning (about 7.30 am) and after walking out of town and waiting for about 30 minutes I begin to wonder if I have been wise as there is hardly any traffic at all. I then get my first ride to the highway interchange ... read more
With Hussein en route to Cildir
Geeseherds at Cildir
Road to Posof at Hanak

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