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Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District December 5th 2011

I wake up on Friday morning incredibly conscious that I have not had a shower since Monday. I had bought baby wipes the day before for that very reason but my room is freezing and the prospect of stripping off does not appeal. In the end I make a tent of my duvet and sit under it with my torch and have my ‘shower’ that way. Bet not many people have done that before! The plan is to meet the others in Khashuri that evening and, given they’re a couple of hours closer to it than I am I’m hoping to get out of school early. As luck would have it one of the teachers is sick so Eka takes her class while I teach the sixth grade and we’re done an hour early. I love ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi December 5th 2011

Having arrived a day before other people in our group we spent the day exploring the city by foot with two of our fellow TLG members. Gerogian drivers are crazy, a zebra crossing does not mean that they will stop or even slow down - there were definately a few close calls today. We explored some of the old city and wonderd through streets and parks. The majority of the buildings were built in the soviet era and are in very poor condition, it is facinating to see how destroyed buildings can look if they are not maintained. It was good however to see that they are in the process of rebuilding and repairing the old buildings with construction work going on all over the town. Not only does this provide jobs but the buildings that ... read more
 Mt'k'vari (Kura) River
Side Street
The Boys

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District » Tbilisi December 4th 2011

We departed Townsville at 5:50am Saturday 3rd of December, having not slept much the night before due to nerves and excitement. That plus 47 hours of travel time to get to Georgia equals some fairly shifty writing, the word tired does not cut it. When we arrived at Townsville Airport we were surprised by Nell and Ian, Aarons aunty and uncle who has driven from Mackay to see us off. My boss and his daughter Ashlyn who I taught this year also surpised us to say goodbye - this was really special and meant alot, thank you! After lots of tears we were off! We flew into Brisbane and spent some time with my mum and brother before heading to Cairns and then onto Hong Kong (yes we know, what the hell!). Whilst in Hong Kong ... read more
Istanbul Airport
Townsville Airport

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District December 1st 2011

Ok, I’m going to warn you in advance that this is going to be a fairly whiney post. I don’t mean for it to be, I just had a bit of a rubbish week. A combination of no electricity (and therefore no shower), no sleep and being ill (albeit only a little bit) just conspired to make it a bit miserable. I’m up and off to school with the kids on Monday morning but the marshrutka doesn’t stop for us so we have to walk and we’re about ten minutes late. If I had my way we’d walk every day, partly for the exercise and partly because if the marshrutka fails to turn up or is full then by that time it’s way too late to walk to school in time. Mari and I have the ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District November 27th 2011

I head to school on Friday and it’s a pretty standard day. Eka asks if I want to leave before the last lesson but I decline as I’m in no particular rush to get to Tbilisi and leaving 45 minutes early won’t make much of a difference anyway. Eka and I are kind of at a loss as to what to do with first grade. We’ve finished the alphabet with them and taught colours and the early numbers but from there the Macmillan book jumps onto basic grammar and neither of us think they’re ready for it. They’re only young and they’re still learning the Georgian alphabet. On the other hand Eka can’t just continue to go through the alphabet for the rest of the year! I grab a marshrutka into town and check my balance ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District November 24th 2011

Monday morning involves a bit of a mad rush for school. I always forget that Eka has no lessons on Monday so I’m generally waiting for her to put her shoes on as a sign that our departure is imminent. It doesn’t really matter anyway because we wait until 8.45am and, with no sign of the bus, Mari and I start walking to school as fast as our little legs will carry us. When I get home our neighbour’s two grownup daughters are over visiting so everybody sits in the living room chatting and I sit there trying to pretend I have a clue what they’re talking about. Later Eka tells me that Gala wants her to go to his friend’s birthday the next day in Senaki but that she has three classes. It’s not the ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District November 20th 2011

Friday is a good day. I go to school with my bags packed for the weekend and, miracle of miracles, the radiators are on! It’s the first time in weeks I’ve taught without hat, scarf, coat and gloves on and it’s wonderful. Plus I have the fifth grade first and I (almost) always enjoy their lessons. I have no lesson during the second period but three classes after that. I’m in the teachers’ room with Maia when the director comes in. Her, Maia and one of the other teachers spend five minutes talking about how beautiful and wonderful I am – ‘Anna, you are best volunteer!’ and then our director asks me when I’m going to Borjomi. I say I am teaching until 13.30 and then I will take a marshrutka into town and then see ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District November 17th 2011

Monday was pretty brutal at school. Our director phoned Eka in the morning and told her I didn’t need to go to school if I didn’t want to cos it was so cold but I assume none of the other teachers were taking it off because of the cold and anyway, it’s going to be cold tomorrow too, and the next day. I can’t stay home for the rest of the year! By about 1pm I was seriously regretting my decision. The heater has disappeared and I was freezing. My lessons finished at 10.30am and I didn’t leave school until 2.30pm. Another five weeks of this is going to kill me. The upside is that I managed to get onto the internet for the first time in ages so I emailed my agency and said I ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District November 13th 2011

When we get to school on Thursday all the teachers are standing in an excited huddle in the corridor. After talking with them for a minute Eka tells me that the computer teacher is married. I ask if this was a secret. It turns out he got married the day before and nobody knew so it’s a surprise for everyone, which is kind of cool. Everyone seems really happy and excited so there’s a nice atmosphere. After school I head into Zugdidi to catch a marshrutka to Tbilisi. I’m really excited about my long weekend! But I have to wait nearly an hour for a marshrutka that never shows. To make matters worse Maia and Eka, as usual, insist on waiting outside with me in the freezing cold which makes me feel terrible, especially since Eka’s ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Tbilisi District November 10th 2011

I’m feeling suitably rough on Monday morning and I really don’t want to be at school. Today I am incredibly grateful that lessons are only 45 minutes long. After my first lesson I settle down in the computer room to wait for the dreaded phone call from Korea. My brain doesn’t work that well at the best of times and when I’m hungover it’s a fucking disaster but, having said that, I think it could have gone worse. Either way, they said they’d let me know within a couple of days so this weekend I’ll either be celebrating or drowning my sorrows! I somehow make it through another lesson, and the daily routine of drinking coffee with Maia, before making my excuses and walking home in the cold and the rain. Since the weather turned I ... read more

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