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March 7th 2011
Published: March 7th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Day 2..3...Lost track from all the flying?
Location: London/Baku/Tsibilisi

Wow! We made it! What a trip that was...after stopping in London for 1 hour we managed to down a pint of Guiness, hassle security with maple syrup, and eat delicious Fish&chips! We got to Gate 21 at London Heathrow to board our final plane to Georgia...the plane was as big as a tin can and for the next 7+ hours I would be pressed up against the window seat sitting beside this + size individual who sweated profusely and listening to opera on his ipad at mega loud decibels!! Baku was roughly 5 hours away and while being scrunched up like an accordian I decided to get some rest and try and relax. Sadly we where only in Baku for 45 minutes to refuel, but the city being right on the Caspian sea looked pretty good from the air and maybe on another travel I will go back and explore (the man sweating profusely told me all the places to go...thanks). Landing in Baku was wild and as we Taxied to the gate we passed ROWS AND ROWS of Illyoushin II-96 super freighters, Antonov AN-148's and other Russian made planes I stared at in AWWWE!

We landed In Georgia about 50 mins after taking off from Baku and we where greeted by the most unimpressed boarder guards EVER! the lady shrugged when she seen me, stamped my passport and waved me visas, no papers...nothing!! just a blank stare that said she never wanted to be a imigration officer!
We got our bags, met up with Lali, Vi, and Alexei and got to our van where we where greeted by OMAR!...the greaaaatest driver in AALLLLL of Georgia (all said in e. European accent). Omar drove that rig like a race car driver and with total disregard for any lines or driving laws we practice in Canada...but thats the norm here (so pin it to win it)

Our accommodations in Tsibilisi are pretty amazing to say the least!!....The outside looks like the apartments featured in Call of Duty (worn out) but the insides are so ornate and they are beautiful! abit cold though from lack of heat (nothing socks cant fix)
Bali our host is this ancient old woman who has a heart of gold and fixed us up a crazy meal! 3am!! there was ham, bread, cheese, jams....and wine!! after countless glasses of wine we packed it in and decided to hit the hay.

-----editors note: 220V Euro power is and blake where experimenting with charging our computers when all of a sudden our adapter starts smoking and than blew up in smoke and sparks!....we almost burned down a concrete building...not even kidding...true story..and scary too!------

Our morning started at 8am, me and blake decided to do some fitness exercises...bali seeing us do pushups decided to bring in this ANCIENT work out machine...looked like a crossbow/jetpack (WTF??) and after 5 minutes of her trying to explain what it was(she only speaks georgian/Russian) we gave up and ate breakfast!

I am starting to talk more russian with bali and we are getting through some pretty complicated conversations!!
I have to go for the moment right now but I will finish writing my blog for the day (march 7) and continue with March 8 when I get back to a place with Internet...all is well though!


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