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December 18th 2011
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A question we seem to be asking ourselves a lot lately. Every day we think we know the plan or have a vague idea of what is in front of us and then bam, one of the family members will say its time to go and we are off herding sheep or going for a walk to the villiage ending in cha cha at some random persons (to us anyway) house.

Today we departed our house thinking we were going to a church service, instead we visited the villiage of Gremi and its royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels, as well as a Khaketian museum. Our family insisted we have a tour guide to take us around the palace at their expence without our input. It was very interesting seeing how they use to make wine for the royal family and the huge bath system they had in place at the time. We took some good pictures which will hopefully help you get a feel as to what we got to see today.

After that the whole family squashed back into the old russian car (six people) and went into the town of Gremi where our host
Horse and carriage Horse and carriage Horse and carriage

A typical sight in our village
fathers mother lives, this car is tiny by the way. Within the first hour large amounts of food and Cha Cha was bought out and good times were had. We drove home after that, which was a worry as he had drunk double my intake and I was legless.

Trips in the car are always fun though as the russian pop music or black eyed peas are pumped up to the max (they somehow were able to get an mp3 cd player to work in this car, everything is makeshift in Georgia) and we all dance the way home. We returned home to our Grandmothers cooking which is amazing and had our third three course meal of the day, Mikaela even helped make Labion (bean bread).

The food and drink continued to come out untill around 11:30 with us all attempting to practice each others languages while conversing in the makeshift ways we have come to know over the past week. We begin Georgian language lessons tomorrow with Mikaela's co teacher.

Thats about it for now, check out the photos as some of them are pretty spectacular.

Additional photos below
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We discovered this upstairs on the deck today
Family Family

Shilda in the distance
Royal Toilet - 16th century Royal Toilet - 16th century
Royal Toilet - 16th century

This is still better than the average Georgian toilet
Wine Cellars Wine Cellars
Wine Cellars

These are still used today, we have the same style in our house.

23rd December 2011

almost Xmas
Thanks for the news . Seems to me like you really do have a home away from home although Harry might come back to Oz with a taste for cha cha. I hope he is taking lessons on how toa make it. Pop grows grapes remember.Do they celebrate Xmas? Bunny is growing by the day and fattening up nicely I feel. Yum Yum . Have fun and yes, yet again you have made us feel like we are with you. There are some wonderful things to see. Great memories to recall in later years. It will be interesting to see what you bring home with you as far as mannerisms and behaviour. Love you both and miss you heaps

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