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Asia » China November 22nd 2015

I just realized that I had not put some really lovely photos on the the Dumpling Dinner and Music/Dance Show at the Tang Theater. Please go to the Nov 12 entry and check out the photos at the bottom of that post. It has been a total out of sequence blog on this trip to China.......soooooo sorry about that. The lack of wifi destroyed the sequence and the catch-ups that followed. Now that the jet lag has worn off.....I am realizing just how confusing this must be for many of your. Sooooooo Sorry!!!... read more

Asia » China » Fujian November 21st 2015

Beste lezers, JEETJE WAT GAAT DE TIJD SNEL HIER! Ik zit nog maar net in China voor mijn gevoel. Toch ben ik al over de helft en ga ik over twee maanden weer naar huis toe. Aan de ene kant wil ik echt super graag weer naar huis, ik mis mijn familie, mijn vrienden, mijn computer, mijn heerlijk tweepersoonsbed en mijn vriendin (in die volgorde haha)! Maar aan de andere kant heb ik het enorm naar mijn zin hier in China en wil ik nog vet veel verschillende dingen doen! Ik wil nog naar Beijing, naar de Chinese muur, naar de ‘Avatar bergen’ en naar de tempel in Tibet. Dus ik blijf toch maar nog even twee maanden hier in China en ga ik zoveel mogelijk gave dingen doen! Ik zit hier dus al bijna tien ... read more
Nog een show
Gratis drank in 1801

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin November 21st 2015

13. November: Dieser Tag war gar nicht so spannend. Abends ging es dann probeweise in ein anderes Internetcafé. Das war auch ziemlich witzig, weil wir die chinesischen Spiele Accounts des Besitzers bekommen haben und so etwas spielen konnten. Aber interessant wurde es nach dem spielen, denn dann sind Markus und Ich zurück gelaufen und endeckten einen Laden, der deutsches Bier anbot. Interessiert sind wir reingesprungen und haben uns etwas umgesehen, an einem Tisch im Laden saßen ein paar Chinesen, die uns irgendwann angesprochen haben und gefragt haben ob wir uns zu ihnen setzen wollen. Da konnten/wollten wir nicht Nein sagen und haben es uns gemütlich gemacht. Die zwei Mädels der Vierergruppe konnten auch ziemlich gutes Englisch und es war eine nette Atmosphäre, getrunken wurde ein holländisches Starkbier mit 16% Alkohol, deshalb wurde auch nicht soviel getrunken. ... read more
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Asia » China » Shanxi » Pingyao November 21st 2015

Two bullet trains from Luoyang longmen via Xian bei, a short taxi ride and we walk through the gates of Pingyao city wall and back in time 500 years. It was like being on the film set of crouching tiger hidden hippo. we did attempt to try to find our hotel our selves but after no-one knew where it was we gave up and jumped on one of the electric buggys that flit around the old city. He took us on a tour of Pingyao as he couldn't find it either. Eventually we got there.It was a courtyard hotel and like stepping into the past although a 21th century mattress would have been nice along with some heating. We spent a couple of days here just chilling in some of the bars and cafe's and wandering ... read more
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Asia » China » Yunnan » Baishui Tai November 21st 2015

Beautiful and peaceful white pools terraces. Pumakale (Turkey) like. - entry ticket, 30Yuan. - offering to the Spirit, 1Yuan. - public bus to Shangri-La, 14:30, 2.5h, 30Yuan. !---! Tibetian Garden Inn, Shangri-La, China, 100Yuan.... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai November 21st 2015

BACK TO THE BLOG JOURNAL: On Thursday, Nov 12, as stated in the last part of the blog journal of our China trip......we left the ship in Chongqing and made the flight from there to the Shanghai International Airport.....which by the way has been rated the #1 international airport in the WORLD!!! It took us about 2 hours to make the flight.....great tail winds, I suppose brought about the shorter air travel time over to the east coast and where we landed at the Shanghai International in Pudong, north of the major part of the city. As this is the last city we visited, I might speak again about the immensity of the cities which we visited.....ALL over many millions in population. Chongqing, which we just had left is THEEEEEE largest city in the country of ... read more

Asia » China » Yunnan » Tiger Leaping Gorge November 20th 2015

Descend in the fabulous gorge, with the famous ladders - 10Yuan to use the first path (descend into the gorge). - 15Yuan to continue on the next path (platforms and ladders). - Bus from the guesthouse to Bai Shui Tai, 15:10, 2h, 50Yuan. !---! Guesthouse in front of the pool, Bai Shui Tai, China, 80Yuan.... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin November 20th 2015

A squealing truck over the mountains, to CheTian. So, this is the truck: doors must be pushed twice in order to be opened. Rusty treadles must sometimes be kicked to react. And of course, you have to occasionally wrestle the wheel as some kind of desperate bullfighter wrestles crazy bull, just to move it away. With this kind of truck the driving on the freeway would be considered dangerous and not legal. Yet our road is countryside narrowness which looks as if it will never wind itself to the top of the hills. There is no police. And there's the special circumstance of the weather. You can almost see some invisible creature throwing buckets of white rain from nonexistent sky. It's not really rain, it's not snow... I do not know what it is. ... read more
Miao house
Xiaodi bridge

Asia » China » Yunnan » Tiger Leaping Gorge November 19th 2015

An intense and most beautiful hiking. Departure from "Jane's Guesthouse" at 8:30, after breakfast. Main backpack being carried to the "Tibetan Guesthouse" (20 Yuan for the transportation). Hiked this trail with a Swiss couple, as my previous partners planned to stay next night(s) at the "Halfway Guesthouse". The "Tea Horse Guesthouse" was reached at, with a 20 minutes break. The "Halfway Guesthouse" was reached at 14:50, with a 20 minutes break. The "Tibetan Guesthouse" was reached at 17:20. Total distance walked: 34km in 9h including breaks. Exhausting ! A nice evening dinner was offered by the guesthouse staff, as they killed a 2OOkg pig that day, and (as they said) as we are approaching Chinese Newyear (even if that event will happen in three months from now...). !---! Tibetan Guesthouse, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China, 100Yuan. ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Longmen Caves November 19th 2015

We left Xian on the bullet train to Luoyang, we had planned to get the bus but when we asked about going by bus everyone looked at us like we were stupid, so we took their advise and got the bullet train. To be truthful yes it is a lot quicker but a lot more expensive and the train station we ended up at, Luoyang longmen is a long way outside of the city so cost another 60rmb to get to the hotel. once again we got in a taxi having shown the driver the address, who then looked like he knew where he was going only for him to have to ask someone else where it was. Thank god once again for our grasp of mandarin and a map to point at. What can you ... read more
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