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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 17th 2017

On the weekend I met up with a girl named Milli whom I hosted in Australia last year. She picked me up after camp and we went to see a movie and go shopping. We watched the movie ‘The Mummy’ with her whole family and it was great. The next day we got up early and went horse-riding. The Stables were so fancy, a real equestrian vibe. They had many horses, and some were so beautiful. They even had baby foals. After Milli told the stable staff I was from Australia and owned a horse, they instantly trusted I could ride. It was great, and they let me off to do my own thing. I was riding a horse with a name (it was Chinese and too hard to pronounce) that meant ‘handsome boy’. He was ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Nanjing June 17th 2017

It's official. We have a home in Verona. Well a three bedroom apartment on the 5th floor with a huge roof top and a view. After 6 years in China it will great to be back in Europe and especially in Verona, Italy where I can understand what people are saying to me and reply. Not to forget the amazing food, wine and fresh air and the sun. China has been a rollercoaster for me. Starting in a very interesting but strange place. The language is very difficult. I thought I would pick it up easily .... so I thought. I already know 2 languages so surely I would pick up Chinese...... Wow. I was very wrong. Its all just a load of noise and sounds to me. One word could mean 5 different things depending ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet June 15th 2017

Es ist natürlich langweilig, wenn ich pausenlos von der grandiosen Weite und Schönheit der Landschaft, und eventuell noch von der Kälte bericchte. Das lass ich alles heute aus und erzähle nur das Neueste von der Drama Queen. Wir wußten von Anfang an, dass diese Nacht alles schlägt, was "einfache Unterkunft" genannt wird. Der See liegt an der Pilgerroute zum Mt Kailash, deshalb sind auch immer viele Inder in den Unterkünften. Und dann muss man halt schauen, was man kriegt. In unserem Fall hatten wir mehrere Zimmer, in denen einfache Betten standen, Decken und Kissen drauf. fertig. Selbstverständlich war die Bettwäsche nicht sauber. Kevin hatte genügend Zimmer gemietet, so dass in jedem Zimmer nur drei Personen schlafen sollten. Ich war gerade schwer beschäftigt, musste meine Sachen reintragen, Bett herrichten etc, da fiel mir auf, dass die Prinzessin ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 14th 2017

The excursions this week have been FANTASTIC, we are really getting to see some amazing parts of Chengdu. But it is a bit of a shame that we aren’t able to spend most of these last few days with the Chinese students after we got to know them a little better at the camp. They really do seem like an awesome bunch of people and I honestly can’t wait until they come to Australia!! Some of them have unfortunate names like Awake, Fish, etc., and some of them don’t have an English name at all. So the last couple of days we’ve been trying to think of some new English names for them (it’s pretty funny naming people…but anyway), we gave Awake the name Olivia, we gave GelBoy, who I don’t think had an English name, ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 14th 2017

After the day at Dujiangyuan we went back to the school. Ken wanted to come to visit my homestay family so he could see how I was going. He came back with us, but on the way there was a huge pile up of cars in the intersection, so Bill’s mum (who was driving) started crossing the intersection. We only had 10 seconds left on the traffic sign, but even though it was red you can still go though. So we’re in the middle of the intersection and the cars to our left start driving straight at our side and after 15min we noticed that the road we wanted to drive down was full of cars going THE OPPOSITE WAY! So our driver decided to turn around and go the other way and by this point ... read more
No way out
Squeezing back across the road.

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 14th 2017

Today I went to the Global Centre with Sienna, Che’la, Awake (Che’la’s buddy) and another Chinese student. The day started out as so much fun. All the rides were cool. I went on one where you stand in a capsule and after about three seconds the floor drops away and you drop straight down. After a while, we decided to go to the change rooms and grab our bags so that we could go and have something to eat. When we got to the café, we discovered that Sienna and I had all our money taken! Sienna lost about 100 Yuan and $50, but I lost 700 Yuan (around $140). The reason all this happened was because we didn’t buy a locker … And we didn’t do this because it would have cost us around $35 ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet June 14th 2017

Gleich neben dem Hotel war die nächste Kontrollstelle, und obwohl unsere Führer am Abend vorher schon dort waren mit unseren Pässen, durften wir keineswegs einfach durchfahren. Wir warteten. Dann stieg eine Drohne auf, kreiste über uns - ziemlich lang - verschwand wieder.... Aber irgendwann waren auch diese Herren zufrieden und es ging los. Dieser Tag war wunderbar, aber leider saukalt. Wir fuhren fast den ganzen Tag durch weite Täler, mehrere Pässe - 5000 m + - und alles war weiß vom Schnee. Aber immer war die Straße schneefrei. Ich hätte mir nie vorgestellt, dass es so schön ist, durch schneebedeckte Täler zu fahren, die von hohen, ebenfalls schneebedeckten Bergen gesäumt sind. Die Temperatur schwankte heftig zwischen 0 Grad und +2 Grad - aber die Schönheit machte das leicht wett. und außerdem wurde es am Nachmittag mehrere ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing June 14th 2017

Beijing, China: Thang roi 4-2017 toi di den cac nuoc Kazakhstan, Kyrzybaijan, Azerbaizan va Ukraine la nhung nuoc trong Soviet ngay xua bay gio da duoc duoc lap sau khi Lien So sup do nam 1991. Thang nay 5-2017 toi di den nuoc Mogaklia cung nam trong khoi Soviet va cung da duoc doc lap sau khi soviet sup do. Dac biet la nuoc Mongolia tung la cuong quoc, tung chiem 16.11% hay 31 trieu km2 trong tong so dat dai tren the gioi , tung xam lang nuoc rong lon hon minh la China ma sao van bi Lien So chiem dong va cuoi cung duoc doc lap nam 1991. Trong chuyen di nay toi tim hieu dieu do. 5-24-2017 China China la nuoc dong dan nhat the gioi voi 1 ty 3 trieu dan ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 13th 2017

My class and I went on an all day trip. We used the school bus to drive to the Dujiangyuan Mountains. It took around 2 hours to get to the bottom of the mountains. There were beautiful temples and people dressed as Micky Mouse and monkey people. We posed with them and afterwards they charged us, even though we didn’t know we had to pay them, but it was going to a good cause. Before we started walking up the mountain, the teachers said we should sing ‘Land Down Under’ in front of everyone. It sounded ok and people started videoing us and staring. The walk was really pretty and people kept asking to take photos with us. We crossed a long, suspended walkway that stretched across the river. The water was flowing so fast and ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu June 13th 2017

At camp we did orienteering all around the bush. On the first day we learnt how to do it and then went off on our own to find 11 random points all around the bush, armed with a map and compass. At first I was worried I would get lost and not find any points, but in the end I found all of them and had fun running around the bush. The next day we did a bigger search, this time in teams of six, with about 60 points and four hours to complete. It was very hard and tiring, running around everywhere, and there were so many mosquitoes. The ground was muddy and slippery from the overnight rain and I fell over a few times. My feet hurt from walking for so long, but I ... read more

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