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Asia » China April 11th 2015

Hi Everyone, After bringing Hannah home more than 8 years ago we are returning to China to show her where she was born. We are going back with 3 of the other families we first met when we all travelled together to get our daughters. In the years since we have been home we have seen each other frequently and the girls have all become great friends as have the parents. We are so excited to return to China and visit Hannah's province. We will start our adventure in Beijing and then to Xian and to Chegdu to visit the panda reserve and will visit Hefei (hannah's orphanage). We will also travel to yellow mountain and end our adventure in Shanghai. We would love for you to follow along with us.... read more

Asia » China » Beijing April 11th 2015

Well we have learn ed to use the Beijing Subway and find it easy , fast , clean and at rush hour It is so full it fêels like one is a sardine that POPS out of the can . It,s fun! Yesterday we spent the day at the Summer Palace and it was great . The weather was perfect @20C and with spectaculaire buildings and wonderful Gardens with Lakes and pagodas we had a good day . Today we set out walk ing to the Quinamen area and explored some hutongs and shopping streets . Unfortunately I was pickpocketed ...some one took my camera out of my jacket pocket where I had placed it so I could throw things in the garbage ...damn!!! This on top of l'os ing my Kobo on the plane where ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai April 10th 2015

Took us several hours to navigate the river into the awesome port of Shanghai this morning. Shortly after our arrival, we left for the water town of Zhujiajiao, Shanghai, China. The traffic was quite congested and although it wasn’t very far, it took us a couple of hours to get there. We found a charming village that has been preserved for tourists. Others water villages of this type have been destroyed to build new structures. Shanghai is a very modern and clean city which has the hustle and bustle of New York and other large cities. The new construction is phenomenal and fairly recent. Cranes dot the horizon as new buildings continue to be built. Back in time for dinner and to take in the same beautiful landscape at night! WOW! We have the best viewpoint ... read more
Looks better than it smells
Dinner tonight?
Wonder who will be eating that fish

Asia » China April 10th 2015

April 10 - Pandamonium! Breakfast was a spectacle. We headed to the small dining room just before a large family of Chinese tourists. They ripped through the buffet with no regard to us even being there, Sharon had to shoo them off our table and then, within minutes, there was food all over the place and they were finished. A very funny and strange experience. Today was one of the days that we had really been looking forward too. The day we volunteered to work with the giant panda. It's expensive to be a volunteer but I think well worth it. We traveled out to the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda. We put on our very attractive and very large overalls and headed up the hill in a cute electric bus to ... read more
Selfie on the electric bus
Feeding bamboo to the panda
Cleaning out the eaten bamboo shells

Asia » China » Shanghai April 9th 2015

Daiso is a convenient 1$ store from Japan, well, it's 15RMB in China. They sell small things that very useful, something that you ever wanted. And everything is 15RMB. One Daiso store at OPA shopping mall, South Shanxi Rd. has moved to another shopping mall, but it's just one block away:p Just let you know!... read more

Asia » China » Beijing April 9th 2015

Still no internet cafés around...i might have to in vest in an I Pad for my next trip . The Android is serving me well for regular mail but much to small à Keyboard for the blog. Oh well... Our Time in Shanghai want really well . It is hard to de scribe that city . Cosmopolitan , 21st Century , modern Chinese All fit but I think it is more. Yesterday was a must Pleasant day . We had gone to the Yu Gardens and were checking the guide book when a young woman approached us and ask ed if she could spend some Time with us practicing her English . She would walk with us and ex plain what we were see ing money requRied (the iPad is think ing in French again) ... read more

Asia » China April 9th 2015

April 9 - Day of 1000 BUddhas. I firstly need to back track to last night. Judi, Noelene and I decided to go to the Chinese theatre and watch a kung fu show in the home of kung fu. The theatre was impressive but the audience left a lot to be desired. They were so loud and most watched the show through their iPads. We didn't understand a word of it but we laughed and had an absolute ball. I think it was the history of Kung Fu in the area. There were lots of dances, very strong men and amazing tricks. There wasn't much actual kung fu (Ashton would be disappointed) but the show was spectacular. Today was freezing! I was beginning to wonder if my packing of coats and jumpers was overkill. Turns out ... read more
Authentic Kung Fu
Performance - the comedy scene
Dancers and Kung Fu

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen » Gulangyu April 8th 2015

It was a cool and wet day when we arrived at the Port of Xiamen, China yesterday. We opted to relax on ship until going to an evening performance at a local theater, Magic Min’ nan. It didn’t disappoint in uniqueness and variety. Thoroughly enjoyed the show but the real fun was after it ended. The Chinese tourists also attending wanted to take pictures of and with us. We stayed overnight in this very modern and good sized port town and in the morning left for our bike ride along the coast, followed by a Tai Chi performance/lesson and a tea tasting. Our last stop at a shopping area ,where again, the entertainment was in the Chinese people’s fascination with us. A young woman asked if she could take a picture of her baby in the ... read more
A beautiful coastal ride
Taking a breather.
Tai Chi Lesson

Asia » China April 8th 2015

This morning I was determined to sleep in. It didn't happen. I was wide awake at 6 am and ready for action. My bed at Wenjun Mansion Hotel was so comfy though that I decided to stay put just a little longer. After a shower in our honeymoon bathroom, a wall made from frosted glass does not make you feel private and secluded! We had breakfast at the hotel as it was a buffet style with coffee at a very reasonable rate. Then we set off down the lovely traditional looking street outside the hotel to find and use our first Chinese ATM. I felt rich withdrawing thousands of notes! Unfortunately it was Yuan and not dollars. I am quite sure that it will go a long way though. We met our local guide Jay and ... read more
Old City
Sending post cards via panda post
Anyone for scorpion?

Asia » China April 7th 2015

April 7 As is becoming the custom of this holiday, we were up again really early. Breakfast with our new friends Bruce, Sarah and Zoe from Brisbane, before saying our farewells and heading off the boat. We were lucky enough to have a lovely guide called David, who named himself after David Copperfield. He picked us up from the boat, arranged porters to carry our luggage along large poles across their shoulders, up 100 stairs to the waiting minivan. I'm glad I didn't have to manage those stairs. These men raced up and then back down again to get more money and more bags. The whole ship is loaded with goods the same way. On a pole and across the shoulders of older men. OUr first stop this morning was to the Old City in Chonqing. ... read more
Temple to the Devil King
Remedy for Drunkeness
Also yesterday's temple

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