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April 4th 2011
Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 22.33, 114.18

Alarm went off at 6:15am; dressed and were ready to head downstairs within minutes. Checked out and in cab for ferry terminal. No one at check-in counter; got bags through to HK airport, where we would need to check them into our airline. Reached departure gate, and it was completely full. We had to wait outside the gate area; glad we got tickets yesterday!

Ride was uneventful. Upon arriving, our bags were being discharged off a conveyer belt. There were about eight check-in counters: mostly for Eastern China Airlines; one for Continental/United. This must be why you have to tell the ferry company your flight information: they have to arrange to have an airline agent available. Very clever, really.

Got our departure tax refund, then went into terminal to find good coffee – got an Americano and took it into the Red Carpet Club. Did email and had nibbles while we waited for our plane.

Flight completely booked. It left about 15 minutes late, but they promised we would arrived on time (which we did). Slept very fitfully after lunch, on-and-off until about two hours out. Read, had brekkies … seem to have come down with a cold. Yuck.

Lovely weather in SFO – clear (no more haze!) and cool (yeah!). My bag came out right away; might have been able to catch the 9:54pm, but had to wait for bags for Paul and Pas. On train and headed home. Gruden greeted us with whimpering.


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