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January 27th 2012
Published: January 30th 2012
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The TigerThe TigerThe Tiger

Ranthambore National Park
I mentioned that The Great China Roadtrip was item 7 on my bucket list. Drawing inspiration from the now classic movie and from some of the wonderful travel blogs on this site, I believe that everyone should have a bucket list, a list of things they want to do before they "kick the bucket".

Here's my first mostly completed list :

1: Shoot a wild tiger in Rajasthan (with a DSLR !!!) I managed to get this shot on our third day in Ranthambore National Park with an excellent guide who could literally "smell" a tiger from miles away

2: Climb to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. The Taktsang Monastery is located on the cliff edge of the upper Paro Valley. Built in 1692 to mark the site where it is said that the Guru Rinpoche flew to in the form of Dorji Drolo mounted on a winged tiger in the 8th Century.

3: Swim with Manta Rays (finally got lucky on my fourth trip to the Maldives)

4: Angkor Wat

5: Build a school (not just donate money, but actually physically help build a school)

6: Drink mint tea with the Berber tribes
The Tiger's NestThe Tiger's NestThe Tiger's Nest

Paro, Bhutan
in the Atlas Mountains

7: Drive the Silk Road (unfortunately due to my full time job, this has turned into a shortened version just covering China)

8: Write a book (this roadtrip will hopefully help me kill two birds with one stone as I hope to have enough exciting adventures on this trip to form the basis of my first book)

9: Tag a whale shark (aghh that elusive and majestic creature)

10: This one is a personal secret

Time to start thinking about my second list !

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Manta RaysManta Rays
Manta Rays


Jamaa el FnaJamaa el Fna
Jamaa el Fna


10th February 2012

The Bucket List
I am a little seems you have already done everything on your bucket list except your upcoming road trip around China.
10th February 2012

Not really
Still planning to see the whale sharks, write a book, build a school, and number 10. And one day, hopefully I'll have the opportunity to drive the real Silk Road. Then it'll be time to work on my second bucket list which will include seeing Buffalo in South Dakota, Writing a cook book, Free diving to a depth of 25m, and living long enough to see the first Travelblog from Mars !
11th May 2012

Brilliant Photographic Skills !
I wonder did you come up this list after you have done most of them or before you did any of them? For that makes a lot of difference... I got a feeling you must have filled up the list with things you have already done instead really coming up with a list with all things you haven't done but always wanted to do, just a feeling though..
11th May 2012

I've actually had this list for 5 years now, since seeing the movie. Still have 4 or even 5 to do since this trip does not really count as the Silk Road. I already have a second list. Would love to hear yours....

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