A Dream in Retrospect

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February 15th 2009
Published: February 15th 2009
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Tracking The Dream

A Dream In Retrospect

Ask us when we first conceived the idea of travelling the world and we'd be hard-pressed to pinpoint the exact moment. We guess it was an unaddressed desire simmering just below the surface like a volcano waiting to erupt. The I'd-like-to-travel-the-world-one-day kind of feeling that hits you when you see some travel show about exotic places, exquisite cuisine and the largest this or the biggest that. And erupt it did, its effects fanning out over countries and continents and across a span of almost two years.

And now, here we are, 82 blogs, 60,000 website hits, 107,000 words, 5000 pictures and over 500 comments later, reflecting on our wild and wonderful adventure. We've travelled by plane, bus, car, tram, cable car, subway, train, taxi, pedal rickshaw, mule, elephant, motor rickshaw, motorcycle, zip line, pump boat, jeepney, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), bicycle, long tail, camel, moped, ferry, tuk tuk, songthaew, diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) and, of course, on foot.

We’ve clambered up to 3,087 meters (10,094 feet) on Pico Duarte, rappelled and bottom-slid 40 meters below in the subterranean marvels of the Sumaging Caves and went deeper still, this time underwater, to the wreck of the
Frozen in timeFrozen in timeFrozen in time

Pinyao, China
Superior Producer that sits at 33 meters (107 feet) below the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

We’ve slept in five-star and minus five-star accommodation, on a beach in Crete, a tent in Tarutao, on buses, boats, trains and amidst the shifting sand dunes of the Great Thar desert. We lost a bag in India and found it again after half-an-hour; dropped a phone in a crowded New York subway, only to have somebody bring it to us. We dodged the dreaded “Delhi belly”, stepped on a nail, narrowly avoided deportation but couldn’t avoid getting stuck overnight in a broken-down bus on a jungle trail. We hand-fed a black caiman, caught a piranha and swam in the same river. We swam with a mammoth whale shark. We’ve sampled the world’s finest cuisines: parathas and kormas, paneers and samosas; roti and curried chicken, chili fish, nasi and bami, Peking duck, egg tarts, fried feta cheese, olives and tzatziki, fried fish and hot pot.

Ah! Yes! We’ve experienced many things - too much to tell - and, in retrospect, learnt many lessons along the way. We’ve truly come to realize that humanity, for the most part anyway, is just one huge, global family whose members are willing to open up their homes and lives, to share, to counsel, guide, entertain and help.

We’ve also learnt that:

If you had to choose between a bus driver that smokes in the bus and one that is flatulent, it’s a pretty tough choice.

You can swim in rivers. You can swim in lakes. You can even swim in brownish seawater but there is no such thing as swimming in the Caribbean.

Buju Banton is in Romblon.

“No” in Chinese, Tagalog and Thai means “American dolla$”

A bus, motorbike, rickshaw or bicycle can fit many more people and items than you originally thought…Really!

When you have an old rickshaw driver you will end up pulling the rickshaw uphill yourself.

Your nose gets compromised after many ‘smell tests’ on your ‘not-so-dirty clothes’. Don’t trust it! A better gauge is people’s reaction when you’re standing really close to them.

It is handy, wait let’s rephrase that, it is CRUCIAL to always walk with toilet paper while traveling.

Hearing a band rehearse at 4:05am is not cool.

“Songing suffuse of all knowledge. The esthetics of fortune spring from foot measure” has something to do with an elephant, a mouse and gold.

Shanna can sleep anywhere!

There seems to be much less accidents in countries with more people and less traffic rules.

This might be a hard one to believe but…singing karaoke makes you feel like a star.

Family is an inspiration.

Laughter brings laughter.

Putting on a Sari can be hard.

That if we could collect 0.50 US cents from each reader, we’d be sitting pretty (feel free to offer).

Ants can be really big (Brownsberg).. while waterfalls can be disappointingly small..(Brownsberg).

And last but certainly not least….we’ve learned on this trip that “There is no price too high for sanity reclaimed!”

Thanks to:
😊 God, for innumerable blessings
😊 Family, for support and encouragement
😊 Friends worldwide for your companionship, comments and for rooting us on

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Nature shamelessly flaunts its beautyNature shamelessly flaunts its beauty
Nature shamelessly flaunts its beauty

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Whale Shark aka "Butanding"Whale Shark aka "Butanding"
Whale Shark aka "Butanding"

Donsol, Philippines
Sexy CowSexy Cow
Sexy Cow

Caribbean Life
Little house on the prairieLittle house on the prairie
Little house on the prairie

Orinduik Falls, Guyana
Little Dough BoyLittle Dough Boy
Little Dough Boy

Lijiang, China
Wedding colors ablazeWedding colors ablaze
Wedding colors ablaze

Udaipur, India
Elephant TrekElephant Trek
Elephant Trek

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Strike a pose. Now 'Vogue'Strike a pose. Now 'Vogue'
Strike a pose. Now 'Vogue'

Great Thar desert, India
Angle on The AtomiumAngle on The Atomium
Angle on The Atomium

Brussels, Belgium
The one and only: SANKARThe one and only: SANKAR
The one and only: SANKAR

Iwokrama, Guyana
Light Rail and ModernityLight Rail and Modernity
Light Rail and Modernity

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Buddha at nightBuddha at night
Buddha at night

Sukhotai, Thailand
Ethnic VibesEthnic Vibes
Ethnic Vibes

Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, China
The Great WallThe Great Wall
The Great Wall

Simatai, China

15th February 2009

All good things...
I'm kind of sad that we will not get anymore updates from the road. I've watched your photography get better and better and the faces have been stunning. I used you as an example of personal documentary to one of my college classes. Looking out for the book. Blurb will turn your blog into a book automatically. Anyway thanks for the journey and I want to hear about it in person when next we meet. Go well.
15th February 2009

You guys have travelled far and wide and it has truly been a pleasure to enjoy it with you. God bless.
16th February 2009

You guys should never be home!
But that is really selfish me wishing......i have been enjoying your blogs too much i would like you to be traveling forever , and blogging forever too. And yes, those pictures are getting better and better. Tell you what, you enjoyed many happy adventures because I think you are such cheerful travelers. You must have invited very good vibes. Don't be surprised other people in your "global community" respond very well to you. God bless u!
16th February 2009

I'm sad(
You won't travel anymore?
16th February 2009

Congratulations I await the book and the bigger challenge is yet to come "how to tame your travelling feet?" In any event what an adventure, the only thing that can be said is wow, great job!
16th February 2009

And now?
Hi Shanna & Vibert, My big question after reading all of the great stories..... what's next? Where are you gonne stay and what are your plans for the nearby future???? Love to hear from you soon!! Claudia.
16th February 2009

wish i found this blog sooner
Your writing is amazing and I too hope it turns into a book. I love your pictures as well, especially the one with the half moon and the 3 men in the boat. That is one of the best pictures i've ever seen! Dana
16th February 2009

there's no place like home
But where is your home? It's probably in your hearts, 'cause after reading your 'road stories' I got the feeling that you will be able to settle anywhere. I truly admire the fact that you followed your hearts and made your dreams reality. Thank you for sharing it. Please keep me posted on whatever new plans you have.
17th February 2009

Thank You
Shanna and Vibert, Thank you for everything. It was a great pleasure for me to travel with you two. I enjoyed everything. I have seen the world trough your eyes. It was beautifull. AND! What's next. Will this be continued otherwise? I hope to see you some where, because i want to share with you my impression of Dominica. Lots of love sharon
17th February 2009

A dream
Hi, It sounds so exciting and such a great experience. The mixture of nature and technology you’ve experienced should have been really interesting. It is a great dream of mine to dive in such crystal clear waters surrounded by all those beautiful animals and corals or ideally, swim with dolphins. I saw the Atomium in one of the pictures which I’ve personally seen several times. Martina
17th February 2009

Hey, Vibes and Shanna, was nice to travel along with you. Thank God for His guidance too. But it's nicer having you back, at least closer home. All the best!
17th February 2009

Wow, I'm really inspired by your journey and hope to do the same one day. This is proof that it can be done, and by a Guyanese too! Hope you also had a video camera because this sounds like a great documentary for Nat. Geo and of course you have to publish the book! Title suggestion - two4deroad: A journey of love and life. lol. Is it hard adjusting to being in one place?
18th February 2009

Dude's you're travelblog Rockstars right about now. Proud of you being my family, snif snif. Oyeah Eshly says that you need to make one more. Indonesia!
18th February 2009

Amazing grace!
Thank you ifor haring with me "the amazing grace and the abundance of wealth" you have received throughout your journey! I am very eager to see you and be part of a verbal sharing moment "tijdens een borrel". Love you, Ria
20th February 2009

thank you
first of all for all the fun facts and pics I say thank you; for having the dream, the balls and... well the balls to execute it I say thank you; for showing that the so called normal, conventional and orthodox is not always the dream life; for taking along with u all of us who might not have the previledge to travel the world(still a bit sad the red line doesnt pass through the mother land though) thank you; for the inspiration, the stories, the romance everything THANK YOU... still awaiting the occasional briefing on progress
21st February 2009

A dream in Retrospect
You did it Vibes! Wow, I never thought it would have lasted this long, thanks for all the beautiful pictures and updates, I'll surely miss reading them
22nd February 2009

thank you
Hi Shanna and Vibert thanks for sharing with us all your beautiful experiences and photos. I loved it all even though you did not hear a lot from me. I tended to share with everyone at work as I am proud of you of following your dream. Thanks and congrats. Where to now, the Caribbean? Will we see you here or? Love Mayra
22nd February 2009

You Did it!
We are proud of you two!
28th February 2009

I really enjoyed your blog.
4th March 2009

Wow!!! That's all I can say right now Vibert. I am happy for you that you had such courage to follow your dreams. It must have awsome.
9th March 2009

Greetings Shanna and Vibert, What more can I say that I have not said ever since the adventure (yours and mine) started? CONGRATULATIONS! THANKS BE TO GOD! I will always be grateful to Suzette for introducing me to your travel blogs as they have given me so many countless hours, weeks and months of enjoyment in one form or another. I have never met Vibert, yet I feel that he is as much a friend and treasured acquaintance as you are, Shanna. His face has become so familiar from your photos and his personality and "joie de vivre" come across very forcefully. Hold on tight! I hope my husband and I would have the opportunity to welcome and accommodate you both in Trinidad at some time in the not too distant future. Please keep in touch. Now that your (current) travel saga is at an end and you have returned to the real world, I would greatly appreciate if you could e-mail me your present mailing address. I would like to send you a token of my appreciation for making me a part of your exciting world over the last two years and would also be happy to have an idea of how it feels to settle down after successfully following your dream of seeing the world "up close and personal". I leave you with Love, Light, Peace & much Joy.
12th April 2009

mon plaisir
22nd July 2010

how are you??I miss you@
hi,how are you?I have not seen you in QQ for a long time!
2nd December 2010

From Cynthia
Dear Shanna and Vibert,I sent you both several emails in the past days but get no reply. I am quite worried and don't know how your recent days are. I learnt from the radio that there is a flooding along Caribbean.Does it affect your country? Please give me a message so I will not worry. I am missing you both terribly. Wish everything is perfect with you. Cynthia
10th May 2015
Ethnic Vibes

Ethnic Vibe
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