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October 20th 2008
Published: October 26th 2008
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In the evenings Yangshou is characterised best by the brash neon that lights the narrow café, restaurant, bar and souvenir shop lined streets of its ‘old’ town and by the foreign tourists who walk with an awkward John Wayne style shuffle between these gaudy Western-Chinese fusion establishments. During the day, the done thing for any visitor wishing to truly appreciate the landscape for whi... Read Full Entry

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My favourite thing about China is the parks. A place to unwind and people watch. And oh, the watching you can do! Every nutty activity is given new levels of nutiness.
Grub's Up.Grub's Up.
Grub's Up.

Check out the scorpions. Mmm. And no, I didn't try them.
She was a ball breakerShe was a ball breaker
She was a ball breaker

That's the kind of sentence these students were learning from their English text books. After "Hello" and "How Are You?" came some of the worst and least likely sentences and phrases. Fortunately I was there to add "She was a nut buster" to their volcab.
Our Hotel in YangshouOur Hotel in Yangshou
Our Hotel in Yangshou

Just kidding - this one was for Panda's only.
I want to ride my testicl... I mean, bicycle.I want to ride my testicl... I mean, bicycle.
I want to ride my testicl... I mean, bicycle.

Sorry, my balls were my main concern during our off-road antics around Yangshou.
Misty Dragon's BackboneMisty Dragon's Backbone
Misty Dragon's Backbone

Unfortunately the view from the top was ruined by the haze created by the bus drivers smoking in the carpark.
The Comfy way up the MountainThe Comfy way up the Mountain
The Comfy way up the Mountain

They charged per kilo.
A Million Mao'sA Million Mao's
A Million Mao's

A very scary sight...

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