Day 320 - Deliriously happy to see tarmac

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May 18th 2007
Published: May 18th 2007
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Thankful for a long nights sleep, one we have not had in a long while, we wake up to a beautiful crisp morning with the sun warming up the peaks for a fantastic view all around us.

The journey today was quicker, what with good weather, few landslides and tarmac roads, the recipe for a good journey. However we did come across a number of cows just chewing the cud in the middle of the road oblivious of the killing machine blaring its horn and as if avalanches, landslides, rocks falling great heights and livestock getting in your way, we did have a tree that had fallen over, the whole thing, which luckily by the time we arrived was just being sawn up with a chainsaw but we cannot say this journey is boring, no sir-ree.

Arriving in Bayi (still a mere 500kms from Lhasa) we have some time to kill so we go find some lunch - and what a feast we find. Ed pointing to potatoes, chillies, tomatoes and some green leafed things, creates three dishes (never can have more than two ingredients in any one dish, we have learnt) that are delicious, watch out for these when you come round for dinner, we are inspired!

Our 4pm activity was to visit Lamaling monastery, but all very hush, hush, as we had not been registered with the security police before we wanted to leave. So we weren’t there, but it was very scenic and tranquil place, up on a hill side overlooking the valley with monks chanting mantras in the background and old ladies gossiping while their prayer wheels do the worshipping for them.

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