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February 20th 2007
Published: March 17th 2007
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We made is to the Fu'Jian province several days ago
and have been learning a lot about village life. It
has been an incredible cultural experience that I will
write longer about when we return to Suzhou. I only
have about 10 more minutes left on the computer at the
internet cafe.

Unique Fu'jian
1. It is the entry point of a possible attack on
Taiwan because it is the nearest province to the small
island. Apparantley their are weapons suitable for
launching an attack on Taiwan that are being stored 2
km from our abode. We took a motorcyle across town to
look at a Chinese furniture store. Apparently the road
disected a secret (though it didn't seem) military
base that foreigners were strickly prohibited from
seeing. Of course my long blonde hair and pudgy cheeks
make me stick out. We were apprehended by what they
call a "guard" from the Chinese Liberation Army. After
the first minute or two of scariness, I realized that
this mini-man--which they call a "guard"-- of 120
pounds with smiley teeth which were bigger than his
muscles was not going to physically torture me as if I
was a threat to national security. Apparantley he was
just following orders.

I have eaten every part of a pig you can think off.

Soft shell turtles aren't far from delicious, if you
get past the fact that you are eating a turtle.

Pumping your own water from a well isn't very fun. I
miss a sink.

If you think the fourth of July is abundant with
fireworks, I wish you could all experience the eve of
the Lunar New Year. It was incredibly loud and judging
by the sound one would think their was a war going on
outside. I took a short video of the night sky filled
with artillery shell fireworks. It was pretty
incredible, and also marked the day of Ely and I's 1
year anniversary--how fitting.

I have much more to say, so little time now, the
attendent is speaking Chinese to me--I am guessing he
is kicking me out. See ya.



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