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May 8th 2019
Published: July 26th 2019
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Day 5 – May 8th – Zhengzhou Museum, Erqi Memorial tower, Downtown Shopping.

After a surprisingly sumptuous breakfast (considering it was a Government Hotel) we all piled into the bus again for a visit to the museum. Lots of artefacts from the Bronze Age. Apparently lots of the upper class died young and they eventually discovered this was because of their habit of enjoying wine from lead based drinking vessels. This was followed by a bus ride through a very old part of China which had lots of character. Finally we stopped at a shopping complex at The Erqi Tower/Pagoda with market stalls above and underground. Everything was amazingly cheap here so I am guessing that the goods were all made in China. We wasted much time trying to find somewhere to buy a SIM card for my phone. Finally we found a place called China Mobile. After patiently waiting behind some people being served, 3 other people pushed in front of me. After several minutes the lady serving called over a very official looking person who, to my amazement, yelled at me and told me via her translator on her phone that I was the one that needed to queue!! Obviously I missed something! Anyway eventually we found out that without the right passport, we could not purchase a SIM card!

In the evening we decided to walk further from the hotel and came across a restaurant with pictures of food on the wall so decided to go in. They had a menu with pictures and an English version. We decided not to try the pigs ears, the rotten chicken feet, the steamed turtle with noodles, the tripe, the braised bullfrog or the donkey with rice! Instead we went vegetarian which was the best sweet corn and a plate of snow peas (plus a large beer) for $7. We also tried some yellow date cake from a street vendor which he weighed out using a hand held scale. He then asked if we wanted sugar sprinkled on top. It was served hot and was quite edible, but not really to our taste! Oh and it cost us $3.

On the walk back to our hotel, we came across a community square where everyone was doing a version of line dancing for exercise to music. Naturally, Barry had to join in, much to the amusement of the locals.

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