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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Yiwu June 4th 2014

XIJI: Distance: 140 Kms SubT. 2035 Kms Bal 10,456 Kms Road Condition: good Weather: sunny, blue sky, white puffy clouds. Cooler. Good for riding. Time in Saddle: 7 hrs Av Speed: av. 20 kph. Av Cadence. Rpm Elevation: 2070 m (x2) up; 1850 m ( x1) + another 1200m Calories burned : 6140 Didn't receive briefing on today's ride until this morning which makes it difficult as we must write down three boards of info quickly, whilst trying to avoid being in the way of some one taking note! Necessitated by the fact that a tunnel on the road we were intending to take collapsing recently, meaning an alternate route was required. So a 30km longer day and much more climbing, AND a different town tonight than planned. To get back on route will add an ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Yiwu March 23rd 2011

This weekend (well, our weekend so Monday/Tuesday) we went to Yiwu. Rach and Tarik had been before, but I was studying for my GMAT so missed out. Tarik has been dreaming about the kebabs ever since so we decided to go back to put him out of his misery! Yiwu is about two hours away and is very famous for markets and trading. It's one of the richest cities in China but the powers that be don't really invest in infrastructure, just take the money and run! It's also interesting because it's got a strong Muslim presence and lots and lots of foreigners (particularly black and asian people), coming to trade. We went to a Muslim restaurant to eat and had the fabled kebabs. I'm not a massive fan, but thought they were okay, if a ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Yiwu October 25th 2004

Early rise this morning, we are booked on the 7.20 train to Yiwu. I have a very ill-timed nose bleed in the middle of morning preparations and as a result there are only twenty minutes left when we jump into a taxi and ask him to hurry for the main railway station. Fortunately the elevated highway is devoid of any major traffic jams and as we reach the station there are still a few minutes left. The unexpected security screening chews another precious minute on the way. Running through the station asking any official coming my way about the train to Yiwu we manage to find the proper track and board the train in time, we even have a minute or two to spare. We can let out big sighs of relief. The train we have ... read more
Train stopping at Di Dao station
Arrival in Yiwu
Grey skies in town

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